Tang Yin and Cao Yunjin first wrote after their divorce: Thank him for letting me have a daughter

 Tang Yin and Cao Yunjin first wrote after their divorce: Thank him for letting me have a daughter

Netease Entertainment reported on June 12 that Tang Yin and Cao Yunjin were exposed to divorce procedures on June 11. Cao Yunjin later admitted the fact of divorce and said that they were divorced by peaceful agreement and would raise their children together in the future. On the 12th, Tang Yin spoke about this for the first time after her divorce from Cao Yunjin. She wrote: I thought divorce should be a family matter and should not be taken to the publics platform, but as a party, I still have a few words to say about the public opinion caused by my divorce from Mr. Cao Yunjin.

We registered on August 31, 2017. Sugar was born in April 18. From acquaintance, acquaintance, love to pregnancy and marriage, we divorced on June 11, 2019. Its not a long process, but its gone through a lot. Now its more like a dream. Everyone says marriage is a very profound knowledge. I ask myself that I havent learned it well. In the film and television industry, I take every role seriously. It is my personal wish to give up my career and devote myself to my family after marriage. I have no regrets. But I found that blindly pay is not necessarily for understanding, heartbeat love can not always keep fresh, so unfortunately, we havent seen the happy stop sign, we have already got off.

Divorce is a painful and tormenting process. Whether as a wife or a mother, I want our family to be full of love. So for a long time, I have been trying to compromise with myself, forgive, try to save, try to make everything better. I even began to look forward to the wedding that Mr. Cao promised me, in all my relatives. Under the witness of friends, we will lament the difficulty of marriage, but also understand the truth of cherishing.

This marriage comes here, I only feel sorry for sugar, the whole family and the care from parents are very important for the growth of a child, so for the sake of children, I still hope Mr. Cao will have a good future in the future. I also hope Mr. Cao can understand that marriage is a way for two people to face the world hand in hand, rather than a temporary emotional short circuit. It exists to let us learn how to get along with others.

Finally, thanks to netizens and fans for their concern, because sugar is in the sun tomorrow will be warmer.

On June 11, the gossip media exposed that Cao Yunjin and his wife Tang Yin appeared in Tianjin Civil Affairs Bureau for divorce. In response, Netease Entertainment asked Cao Yunjins broker for confirmation and got the other partys exclusive response: Its true that they divorced. They broke up peacefully. After divorce, the children will be raised by both sides.