Miss Dong opened fire everywhere: Choke Leijun to report Ox! Beauty is on fire.

 Miss Dong opened fire everywhere: Choke Leijun to report Ox! Beauty is on fire.

However, it is not just millet that Gree Electric has to face pressure and rivals.

On Monday, June 10, after the closing of A shares, Gree Electric suddenly posted a heavy news on Weibo: Open report of Ox Air Conditioner! __________ Subsequently, the two sides launched a fierce response, both sides of the war are well-founded, and the situation of the war is complicated.

Dong Mingzhus Choking Lei Jun

You should all remember the bet between Lei Jun and Dong Mingzhu. In the recent broadcast of Peoples Networks Character program, Dong Mingzhu, 65, answered the question of Gree and millet revenue.

Faced with the news of Millets first quarter revenue anti-super Gree, Dong Mingzhu also responded to the program and shouted at Lei Jun on the spot, Since you are about five years, with the last years target as the standard, you are far from good. If you add up five years, youre worse off. What can you say in a quarter?

In the first quarter of 2019, revenue was 43.75 billion yuan, while that of Gree Electric Appliances was 40.55 billion yuan, which was lower than that of millet. For such a comparison, Dong Mingzhu thinks that this comparison is meaningless. Only the rise of manufacturing industry can change the world in a real sense. If we all go to the Internet, the whole economy will be chaotic.

For the intruder millet, Gree Electric is a silk dare not slack.

On March 10, Gree Electric Officer Weiwei announced that in March 2019, Gree and Tianmao signed an IoT cooperation agreement in Hangzhou. The two sides will cooperate from the technical, channel and ecological levels.

Millet has not concealed his ambition in the field of household appliances for a long time. Since the launch of Internet TV in 2013, millet has released water purifier in 2015, which is produced by Yunmi Technology. In March 2016, millet released IH rice cooker in Beijing. In 2017, millet released Xiaoji Mini Retro Refrigerator on the platform of Mijia Crowdsourcing, as well as all-DC converter air-conditioning and intelligent toilet cover products. In these household appliances products, millet has been using low prices to stir up the household appliances market. In December 2018, millet launched a washing machine and two air conditioners more intensively, making it a bigger step into the household appliances industry.

Lei Jun said that although the millet mobile phone is loved by many people, but the profit of the millet mobile phone is very low, so he intends to transform the company, and air conditioning is the new direction of the companys development. He feels that he does not intend to make more profits through the millet mobile phone, but after the launch of the mobile phone, it will be transformed to air-conditioning, mobile phone is only part of the process of enterprise transformation.

According to official statistics of millet, the number of reservations for Internet air conditioning in Mijia has exceeded 100,000 at present, and the subsequent reservations are still increasing substantially.

Dong has also taken the initiative to compete in the mobile field of millet. For example, in March 2015, Dong Mingzhu released the first generation of Gree smartphones. In June 2016, the 2nd generation of Gree went public. In June 2017, Grees Sejie mobile phone went on sale.

Every editor noticed that the three generations of a Gree mobile phone in Gree Electric Appliance Mall (as shown below) were on the market in 2018. According to the announcement, Gree 3 generations provide 4 GB and 6 GB of running memory. There are 6 4GB and 128GB memory combinations available, with a maximum of 6 + 128GB memory combinations. Up to now, 70 units have been sold on the official website.

Grey and Oaks Mutual Conflict

On the afternoon of June 10, Gree Electric posted a report on the production and sale of unqualified air-conditioning products by Ox on its micro-blog. At the same time @ China Market Supervision and National Development and Reform Commission.

Gree Electric said that many consumers had previously feedback to Gree Electrical Appliances that Oaks Air-conditioning is cheap but consumes a lot of electricity. After the actual measurement by Gree Electrical Appliances Laboratory (CNAS approved, qualified for testing), the following types of air-conditioning products produced by Oakes Air-conditioning Co., Ltd. are far from their publicity and nominal energy efficiency.

Gree Electric also claimed that the commissioning of a third party with professional qualifications for testing and verification, testing conclusions and Gree Electric testing conclusions are consistent, energy efficiency ratio and refrigeration power consumption testing conclusions are not qualified.

Subsequently, Oakes air conditioner gave a strong response.

Oaks said that in view of the defamation of Gree Electric Appliances, it is willing to accept the supervision and inspection of consumers and relevant state departments. For the false report of Geli, the case has been reported to the public security organs, and will be brought to the judicial organs to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the company according to law and maintain the normal order of the market.

Later in the evening, Gree Weibo sent a further response, saying, Speak with the facts! And the related quality inspection report was posted.

Late on June 10, the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration issued a paper saying that in the afternoon of June 10, Zhuhai Gree Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. noticed the Report on the Production and Sale of Unqualified Air Conditioning Products by Ox Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. Our bureau pays great attention to this issue. In the afternoon of the same day, it notified the Zhejiang Provincial Market Supervision and Administration to investigate and verify the relevant situation as soon as possible. It will deal with the situation according to the rules and regulations according to the results of the investigation and verification, and make it public in time.


Miss Dong opened fire everywhere.

It is rare for a manufacturer to test a competing companys products and report them publicly to the market inspection department. But the dispute between the two companies has long existed. Every day dig people, dig patents, Dong Mingzhu judged Oakes at the Gree Electric Temporary ShareholdersMeeting in January this year.

According to media statistics, from 2016 to 2018, Gree sued Ox Air Conditioner for infringement of utility model patent, winning 12 times.

It is worth noting that not only has Gree sued Oxford Air Conditioner many times, but also Mei, another white-electricity giant, has sued Oxford Air Conditioner many times for infringement of invention patents and infringement of utility model patents, of which 14 times have won.

Even with many lawsuits, the rise of Oxford Air Conditioning can not be slowed down.

Every editor noticed that Zheng Jianjiang, chairman of Ox Group, said in his New Years greeting speech in 2019 that in 2018, Oxs revenue had reached 86 billion yuan, an increase of 33%. In addition, according to Ovi cloud data, in 2018, Ox ranked first in the retail share of Chinas air-conditioning e-commerce market, at 26.0%.

As for the group of Gree Electric Appliances and Mei Mei, the lawsuit has lasted for ten years. In 2015, Dong Mingzhu accused Mei Group of being a thieves and a person digging Gree Electric Appliances. Fang Hongbo, founder of Mei Group, retorted that as long as it was the person of that enterprise in Zhuhai, it would never be used.

In fact, since 2008, the two sides have initiated dozens of mutual suits around technology patents, trademarks, false propaganda, mainly involving intellectual property rights infringement, with a total claim amount of nearly 100 million yuan. The size and size of the two families are also inseparable. Up to the time of publication, the market value of Gree Electric Appliances was 319.074 billion yuan and that of Mei Group was 328.707 billion yuan.

Amazingly, the official microblog of American Air Conditioner was on fire when Gree Electric and Oakes were playing hard.

Netizens rushed to their officials to leave a message: Grey and Oaks had a fight, you dont go to see it?

Nowadays, the three kingdoms killing in the field of air-conditioning has been upgraded from mutual complaint to reporting. Enlarged to the entire air-conditioning industry, the downturn of the industry brings air-conditioning manufacturers increased sales pressure.

Source: Daily Economic News Responsible Editor: Yang Bin_NF4368