3 The old man is suspected of being trapped in a corpse freezer by pyramid selling police: its just an incident that will not be filed.

 3 The old man is suspected of being trapped in a corpse freezer by pyramid selling police: its just an incident that will not be filed.

Qian Ming in Nanjing can hardly accept the fact that in July 2018, her sister Qian Moumei took her father Qian Moode, mother Huangfu Mouying, cousin Aunt Li Mouzhen and nephew Mulan for a total of five people to travel, and there was no news after that. On May 12, 2019, Qian Moumei jumped from a building in Shangqiu, Henan Province, and the remains of three other elderly people were found hidden in the freezer of a rental house in Shenzhen. Only Mulan survived.

Suicide or did he kill? How did it happen? The case triggered many speculations.

_When Qian Moumei fell, the police held Mulan through the hotel corridor.

Regarding the case of three old people were buried in the ice cabinet of Shenzhen rental house, on June 12, the relevant person in charge of Shenzhen Luohu Public Security Bureau said in an interview with Red Star News, This is not a case, it is an incident, so no case will be filed.

Earlier, the Henan Shangqiu Municipal Public Security Bureau responded to the surging news interview and also said that Qian Moumei fell to death in Shangqiu, Henan Province, excluding criminal cases.

Five members of the family traveled, four died and one died.

On May 12, 2019, Qian Moumei, 41, died when she fell on the 22nd floor of Kingston International Holiday Hotel in Shangqiu, Henan Province.

At noon on June 12, a short video provided by Qians cousin Huang Fusong to the Red Star journalist showed that when Qian fell down and died, Mulan was sitting on the sofa in the hotel room, anxious about her mothers sudden death.

Qian Moumei fell to the building and died. The captain Wang of the criminal police team of Shangqiu Public Security Bureau of Henan Province told Peng Mei news reporter, Monitoring shows that she (Qian Moumei) went to the window on the 22nd floor and jumped out of the building. Passers-by alerted the police when they found out. When we visited the police station, we found her daughter in the room. This case excludes criminal cases.

This is the first news of my sister 10 months after her disappearance. Its also desperate news. What about my father, mother and cousin? With doubts, Qian Ming rushed to Nanjing Liuhe Police Station the next day to report the case. The police of the police station provided him with the last ride record of three elderly people: on September 8, 2018, he took an EMU to Shenzhen.

For this reason, Qian Ming communicated with his ex-brother-in-law, Mu Wu, and asked him to ask Mu Lan, Why did he go to Shenzhen and later appeared in Henan? Where is the old man now?

_Qian Moumeis Past Photo

At first, my daughter refused to say anything or believe me, Miaowu told Red Star News. Later, I slowly did her ideological work, but she only wanted to talk to the police, so I took her to the police station. First, I went to Xiongzhou police station in Nanjing Liuhe District to report the case, and also to Tangshan police station in Nanjing, where the household registration is located.

After the nephew and the police stated the basic situation, at about 6 p.m. on May 21 this year, the police in Liuhe District of Nanjing told Qian Ming that three elderly people rented and lived in the Golden View Garden community in Shenzhen. Subsequently, he reported the case to the Shenzhen Police.

That night, Shenzhen Luohu police found three bodies hidden in the freezer in the rental house of Golden View Garden, which was also reported by Shenzhen TV. The deceased were Qian Moumeis 66-year-old father, Qian Moode, his 67-year-old mother, Huang Fu Mouying, and her 79-year-old cousin, Li Mouzhen.

How on earth did the old man die? When did he die? Huang Fusong told Red Star News that only survivor Mulan knew it best.

Later, Mulan told Miaowu that in October 2018, Grandpa Qian Moude died while staying in a hotel in Shenzhen. His body was transported to the rental room of Jinjing Garden by his mother Qian Moumei, Grandma Huangfu Mouying and Li Mouzhen in a suitcase and put in the freezer. In December, after Li Mouzhen became ill, her mother Qian Moumei wanted to send her back to Nanjing, but she was unwilling to say that she would die together. That month, Li Mouzhen died of illness; Grandma Huangfu Mouying died of hunger strike in February this year.

After that, Mulan did not say why their mother and daughter suddenly moved from Shenzhen to Henan.

Qian Ming told the Red Star News reporter that in the past, his sister and mother would not tell him where to go, so he was not surprised that they left without saying goodbye. But his father always tells him where to go, but this time in July 2018, his father did not say, before they just heard that they were going to travel, but did not say which day to leave, so his father suddenly left him surprised, and the Spring Festival did not go home for the New Year, the phone is also unable to get through.

Ten months after her sister disappeared with her nieces, parents and cousins and aunts, she was told that her sister had fallen to death in Henan Province and that her father, mother and aunt had been hidden in the freezer of a rental house in Shenzhen.

Suicide or did he kill? Why is suicide? Who did he kill? Qian Ming told Red Star News that these problems have been bothering him so far.

Qians cousin Huang Fusong said that at present, Shenzhen police and Zhongshan University Hospital have jointly carried out autopsy on the bodies of three elderly people, such as aunts, and the results have not yet come out.

Huang Fusong believed that the survivor Mulan was the most knowledgeable at present, but she didnt say anything.

At first, when I asked Mulan, she didnt tell me. She didnt even believe me. Miaowu told Red Star News that his daughter was in a very bad mental state, very unstable mood, and often had nightmares at night.

In fact, since I divorced Qian Moumei in 2014, I have nothing to do with her. Mu Wu said that on May 12 this year, after his ex-wife died, the police contacted him and he thought he was a liar, but he was shocked when his daughter appeared on the scene. His ex-wife had told him that her daughter was studying in Britain.

After divorcing Qian Moumei, Miao Wu was detained for fraud on November 26, 2015. He spent more than three years in prison and was not released until February 2019.

Relatives: The deceased had been trapped in pyramid marketing organizations in the past

Huang Fusong told Red Star News that in 2012, his uncle Qian Moude fell into a pyramid organization called Mingming Shang, which was banned.

According to him, the uncle invested more than 4,000 yuan each to his aunt and cousin Qian Moumei, totaling 12,000 yuan. Huang Pusong stopped it after he discovered it, but it has caused more than 8,000 yuan in losses.

This time, whether the aunt and uncles family are also involved in pyramid selling and other illegal organizations is unknown to Huangfusong. But in an interview with Red Star News, Mu Wu said that once, when his daughter was stating in the Public Security Bureau, he was listening. I can hear my hair trembling all over. Mu Wu said, Good people, how can that be?

Miaowu did not disclose the details of what he heard. When Red Star journalists asked him if they were involved in pyramid selling or other cult organizations, Miaowu did not deny it. The father-in-laws family used to be involved in pyramid marketing organizations, he said.

Qian Ming was also involved in pyramid marketing and MLM organizations in the 1990s. I also called him 5500 yuan. Miaowu said that Qian Ming would say to do this business, and then to do that business.

Qian Ming admitted in an interview with the Red Star News reporter: At that time, I was still in school and was fooled by my classmates to engage in pyramid selling. Later, I went to the army and worked for 12 years, but I did not get involved in this area any more.

Mu Wu said that his ex-wife, his ex-father-in-law and his ex-mother-in-law had fallen into abnormal associations or organizations before they were born, which should have harmed them.

Huang Fusong provided a red star journalist with a posthumous note about the deceaseds life, which showed, If Qian Moumei, Huang Fu Mouying and Mulan all died, it would be Qian Mingmings harm! When three of us die, all our property goes to the state.

_Deads Survivors

In response, Qian Ming told Red Star News, This is their deliberate diversion of attention, so that the police focus on me.

Mu Wu has another explanation for the origin of this suicide note. He told Red Star News: In the past, I bought a homestead from my father-in-law to build a house. After my divorce from my wife, I made it clear that the house and other property belonged to my daughter, but Qian Ming wanted to occupy it.

In an interview with Red Star News on the afternoon of June 12, Shenzhen Luohu Public Security Bureau said, This is not a case, it is an incident, so no case will be filed.

At present, I have not been authorized to make further explanations on whether the deceased fell into pyramid selling or other cult organizations, the official said. (The characters are aliased)

A family of five travelers and one person: 3 old people left handwritten messages by the body in the freezer

Qian Ming in Nanjing can not believe the fact that his sister Qian Moumei took her parents, cousins and nieces on a trip last July, and now only one niece comes home. My sister committed suicide by jumping from a building in Shangqiu, Henan Province in May. The remains of three elderly people were found hidden in a freezer of a rental house in Shenzhen. The death time of the elderly was about two months apart.