Advertising about a boys car accident is accused of eating blood steamed bread Wanda: New employees did it

 Advertising about a boys car accident is accused of eating blood steamed bread Wanda: New employees did it

On June 11, the official Wechat Public Number of Wanda Square in Liuzhou City, Guangxi, issued an abhorrent push, which was scolded by a large number of netizens for eating human blood steamed bread: Tragedy! Parking forgot to pull the brake, Liuzhou 1-year-old boy was involved in the bottom of the car, unfortunately died...

The first half of the article, as the title says, tells a news story that morning.

A woman pushes a baby carriage along a non-motorized Lane in front of the Liujiang Traffic Police Brigade in Liujiang District, Liuzhou, at 7 am on November 11. At this time, the white Baojun SUV parked across the road suddenly slipped back, crossed the road, knocked down the baby carriage, and then ran over it.

In the baby carriage sat a 1-year-old boy...

Traffic police quickly arrived to take the boy to hospital, but unfortunately, the boy died of head injury after rescue.

Nanguo Morning Post also reported the traffic accident on that day, which can be confirmed.

But after the news, Wandas push in Liuzhou City turned around.

Through this accident, I believe everyone should realize how important the hand brake is. It feels like unfortunate things happen every day, and its depressing to watch.

Never mind, Xiaobian will tell you a very exciting thing to ease your heart and let you change your mood.

What is it?

There are only three days left to celebrate the Mid-Year Festival in Zhongwanda, Liuzhou City! Wanda Square in the city for 1 yuan to grab 3 kilograms of rice again...

Until the end of the article, Xiaobian was promoting this very exciting business activity.

After the above article was uploaded to Weibo by screenshots, it aroused strong queries from netizens. Everyone said angrily that it was too much to market the tragedy of a boys car accident, which clearly meant steamed bread with human blood!

According to the Beijing News, the public number of Wanda Plaza in Liuzhou City was deleted that night.

Upstream news contacted Wanda Square in Liuzhou City on December 12. An insider said that the article was published by a new employee who had worked for about a month and had not been approved by his superiors. After the incident, the competent authorities have dealt with it, and the employee has resigned on his own initiative.

Another insider said that the Mid-Year celebration of Wanda Square in Liuzhou City will continue. It is impossible to stop all the activities because of the incident. Details of the incident should wait for official notification.

But for this explanation, some netizens still dont buy it:

Afterwards, the Wanda responsible person confirmed to the Beijing News that the above content was released unauthorized by a new employee. Some employees deleted the content after they found it was inappropriate, and the time was short. But he denied the news that the employee had resigned voluntarily and said that the employee was under investigation in the company.

Wanda Group Brand Department, the relevant person in charge, said that the publication of the official public number content of its unit needs to be audited, and is currently investigating the process of inappropriate content publication of the public number, and then dealing with the staff after the survey results come out.

Liuzhou City Market Supervision and Administration Advertising Section staff finally disclosed to the upstream news that they had received a number of complaints about the above situation on the 12th, and have now intervened in the investigation. If advertising violations or illegal acts are found, they will be dealt with immediately and the results of the investigation will be published.

Article 3 of the Advertising Law stipulates that advertisements should be authentic and legitimate and express their contents in a healthy form, which meets the requirements of building socialist spiritual civilization and promoting the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation. Article 9 stipulates that advertisements shall not be subject to the following circumstances. The seventh point is to impede public order or to violate good social customs.

In addition, the General Principles of Civil Law have repeatedly referred to public order and good customs. If Article 8 stipulates that a civil subject engages in civil activities, it shall not violate the law or public order and good customs. Article 10 stipulates that civil disputes shall be handled in accordance with the law; if there is no provision in the law, it may be applied to customs, but it may not violate public order and good customs. Article 153 stipulates that civil legal acts contrary to public order and good customs shall be null and void.

Source: Observer Network Responsible Editor: Li Wan_B11284