The woman owner of Mercedes-Benz incident responded that the Shanghai company was sealed up: the data was sealed up

 The woman owner of Mercedes-Benz incident responded that the Shanghai company was sealed up: the data was sealed up

The Shanghai Competition company involved in the female Mercedes-Benz car owner was closed down (source: original)

On June 12, Wang Qian (alias), the owner of Xians rights-defending women, was continuously concerned about the rights-defending incident. On June 10, Wang Qians supervisory office of Shanghai Competition was seized by the police. On the 12th, a reporter from the Beijing News visited the food square of the competing entertainers involved. From the 4th floor of the shopping mall, the door was closed and no one answered. A banned entry notice was posted at the entrance, saying that the operators assets were in an unknown state because of the lawsuit. Wang Qian, a journalist interviewed by the Beijing News, responded that the police had put up the seal to protect the scene and to seal up information rather than seize it. Subsequently, the reporter sought confirmation from the relevant departments in Shanghai about the seizure, and no response was received at the time of publication.

4S shop fined and apologized 150 seconds to review the whole process of women Mercedes-Benz ownersrights protection

May 27, Xian Mercedes-Benz women car owner rights case processing results announced: involved 4S shop Xian Lixing was fined 1 million yuan. Later, Xian Lixing issued a statement accepting punishment and apologizing. In late March, the woman car owner found a fault after picking up the car at Lizhixing in Xian; on April 9, she sat on the hood to cry and defend her rights; on the 11th of that month, the local industry and Commerce Department intervened in the investigation.

Female Mercedes-Benz owners responding to debt disputes: Payment of wages will be verified as soon as possible

Recently, Wang Qian (a pseudonym) of Xian Mercedes-Benzs female car owner, who is concerned about the protection of her rights due to the leakage of oil from the engine of her new car, has recently attracted renewed attention due to the debt disputes between the competing company and merchants, suppliers, dishwashers and cleaners. On May 29, Wang Qian, in the name of the competition company, published an article entitled Public Information of Competition Watch Artists to Netizens and Media. On May 28, Wang Qian voluntarily submitted to the police the companys financial books, contracts, bank running water and other related materials and made a record. At the same time, she responded to the queries of businessmen and netizens and said that the company would verify and pay the wages of cleaners and dishwashers as soon as possible. u3002 Earlier, Wang Qian was accused of fraud, absconding with money and being filed by the police and so on. Wang Qian refuted rumors one by one.