Sequential indecent assault on four women in mens supermarkets: loneliness after wifes departure

 Sequential indecent assault on four women in mens supermarkets: loneliness after wifes departure

At about 14 oclock that day, a 49-year-old man, Ren Mou, came to a supermarket in Lingshui District, a high-tech park, to buy wine and drink. Seeing the young woman Xiao Na walking ahead, Ren Mou could not help touching Xiao Nas buttocks with her knees and touching her back with her hands. She just turned around and stared at him without making a sound. Ren Mou was satisfied for a short time, and then followed Ms. Hu and Ms. Liu who came to the supermarket to buy things. When Ms. Hu turned around, Ren Mou deliberately hit Ms. Hus upper body with his right shoulder, and then Ren Mou continued to hit Ms. Lius shoulder and other parts with his shoulder. When Ren Mou continued to carry out indecent acts against Ms. Liu, Ms. Liu quickly dodged behind her and Ms. Hu. The taxi left the supermarket quickly.

Shortly afterwards, Ms. Su, who came to the supermarket to buy things, also suffered from the indecent act of Ren Mou. Ms. Su stood in front of the shelf just to select goods, and saw Ren Mou coming to her, Ren Mou intentionally leaned forward and bumped her shoulder with his shoulder. Just after she bumped into Ms. Su, Ren Mou quickly said Im sorry and realized that Ren Mou was intentionally bumping into her body to take advantage of something cheap. After that, Ms. Su scolded: Hooligans, you wait, I call the police. Who knows, Ren said arrogantly: Ill wait, you call the police. When Ms. Su arrived at the scene, Ren fled the supermarket while waiting for an opportunity.

Four women who had been molested reported the case to Lingshui Police Station successively.

According to the physical characteristics of the suspects described by four women, at about 20 oclock that day, the police will be arrested near the supermarket. After the case, Ren confessed that he was a company worker from other places. He claimed that after six years of marriage, when his son was five years old, his wife left them. Later, he has been single, lonely for a long time. Just in time for the end of the day, I came to Lingshui supermarket to buy some wine. There were not many people in the supermarket. Only a few young women were choosing commodities, so they had a whim. After interrogation, Ren confessed to indecent acts against four women in the supermarket. At present, Ren Mou has been held in administrative detention for 15 days by public security organs on suspicion of indecent acts.

Source: Liable Editor of Peninsula Morning News: Li Wan_B11284