De Gea became Spains Iron Substitute! Countdown to Manchester United?

 De Gea became Spains Iron Substitute! Countdown to Manchester United?

After Casillas faded out of the national team, De Gea once became Spains main goalkeeper. But Spain was out early in last years World Cup in Russia, and De Gea made a low-level mistake in the match. The overall poor performance of Manchester United has also affected De Geas performance at the club.

Keppa joined Chelsea last summer for a record transfer fee of 80 million euros and helped the team win the Europa League. Keppa, four years younger than Bidjaya, is likely to take his place in the national team. We have three excellent goalkeepers, said Spanish assistant coach Moreno, who replaced coach Enrique after the European preliminaries. Kapa is in good form in the Europa League final and we want to take advantage of that for no other reason.

De Geas current contract with Manchester United has one year to go and is reluctant to renew it. The Post pointed out that Manchester United had decided to sell De Gea this summer in order to avoid leaving the club free of charge after his contract expired. The most interesting thing about De Gea is the French giants Paris Saint Germain. Manchester United are also looking for new goalkeepers. According to ESPN, Atletico Madrid goalkeeper Ebrak is interested in leaving for the Premier League this summer. At present, Manchester United are in the lead in the competition.

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