Hao Junmin: Zheng Zhi is an example for everyone to follow. He helps the team a lot.

 Hao Junmin: Zheng Zhi is an example for everyone to follow. He helps the team a lot.

Not because of the big change of team protection

On the afternoon of the 10th, torrential rain swept through Guangzhou City. However, the rain did not stop the pace of preparation for the national football team. The team was scheduled to appear in Guangzhou Tianhe Sports Center at 6 p.m. As the seepage system of Tianhe Sports Center has been improved and operated well, the international football players have been able to train normally in the field without water accumulation.

After locking in the seed status of the 40 finals ahead of time, the warm-up significance of the 11th National Football Team match is more pure. So will Coach Lippi increase the use of young players? From what reporters in Beijing Youth Daily know, Lippis plan of preparing for battle is on schedule and will not change dramatically because of team seed preservation.

It is understood that in the recent internal training, Lippi arranged the international players to rehearse different formations - the relatively fixed arrangement of four guards. Because there are relatively many players in the team and in the front field, Lippis choice in the design of offensive formation is relatively rich.

It is noteworthy that Yu Dabao, as Lippis first frontline coach, was recruited as a guard. China-Herzegovina team can continue to lead the league in this season, thanks to Dabaos excellent defensive performance. It is understood that, without any surprise, Yu Dabao will make his first full-back appearance in the 11 th match. Yu Dabao has often scored key goals in past national security competitions, known as a lucky general. Lippi also wanted to see if he could continue his magical features after the role change of Town Team Treasure.

Zheng Zhi will not play tonight.

Opportunities for young players

Lippi appeared four minutes ahead of schedule at the press conference in the afternoon of the 10th Zhongshan-Tajikistan match, and he always had a smile on his face after the match. Obviously, the teams early identification of the top 40 seed gives the manager a good mood.

So will Lippi make a big use of young players in the 11 th night? He answered, Some young players will be sent on, but not all of them. Even if some young players dont start, they will come on as substitutes during the game.

Tajikistan team came to China with 12 young U22 players, Lippi said: Indeed, the emergence of young players helps the team to replace the old and new, which is related to the excellent youth training system. I can only say that this is a good thing for them.

Beijing Youth Daily reporter asked Lippi if the home venue of the teams top 40 matches would be fixed in Guangzhou next. Lippi responded, We dont have to compete in Guangzhou next. Home court arrangement needs to be tailored to local conditions. We will negotiate with China. But according to the original idea, we will play here in advance.

Lippi finally mentioned the situation of Zhang Yuning, the striker of China and Herzegovina, who said, Zhang Yuning has been doing very well at the club. In the last week of the last stage of the league, he had not trained very much for the national team because of a shoulder injury. We recruited him for individual training and he has recently resumed training with the team. Tomorrow, Zhang Yuning will sit on the bench first, maybe he will come on the bench.

Xiao Pi, Guangzhou Telegraph Reporter

Overall planning/Wang Haozhou