An Interview with the Producer of Blue Glass: Its not only an action declassification game, but also a narrative film that can be played.

 An Interview with the Producer of Blue Glass: Its not only an action declassification game, but also a narrative film that can be played.

A: Hello, everyone. I am Luo Zhipeng, the producer of Blue Glass. Blue Glass is a self-study and independent hand-tour work about to be launched by Netease Game. It has a picturesque scenery, varied organs to solve puzzles, lively and incisive fighting experience, and immersed in moving game music. We hope it is not only an ordinary action puzzle-solving game, but also a part for you. Visual and audio-visual enjoyment of the journey.

Q: Every frame of Blue Glass seems to be an empty and beautiful realistic landscape painting, and there is even a wonderful feeling on the screen that can be touched at any time. In terms of vision and scenes, how can we create such a fantastic game artistic conception when creating?

Q: If Blue Glass is a picturesque landscape artistic conception visually, then it appears very fashionable and jumping off in the game soundtrack. How does this kind of rebellious novelty be considered in the creation?

A: In the game score, just as we always insist on bringing new experience to the players, most of the martial arts and ancient games on the market will be matched with the traditional style of ancient music. At the beginning of the project, Qing Li insists on using the music style other than the traditional consciousness of the players. Once the players enter the game, they will be haunted by obvious non-traditional music. Our game score is intertwined with music. It combines a lot of new elements such as trap, pop, electronics and some techniques of film and television soundtrack, which makes players feel that it is a kind of jump-off work. With the progress of the game, this mood will become more and more strong. Swordsmen are far away from the inner calm of rivers and lakes, facing fierce rivals and provocative disdain, recalling the mysterious quiet of the past, and finally despair between swordsmen and lovers. Never give up, fear of the unknown future and so on, through the new music quietly mobilize playersmood and heartbeat, in order to enable players to fully immerse themselves in this video-audio journey.

Q: Compared with traditional games, the battles in Blue Glass also have distinct personality. The battle UI design is particularly concise. What kind of consideration is such a design?

Q: In the traditional impression, game and environmental public welfare seem to be irrelevant, and what is the idea of combining Green Glass with environmental public welfare this time?

A: As we said at the 520 conference, the design inspiration of more than ten scenes in the glaze comes from the teams on-the-spot collecting style. We hope to keep the beautiful scenes and integrate the great rivers and mountains of our motherland into the glaze scenes, and present you a touchable beauty of mountains, lakes and seas in the form of digitalization.

A: This tripartite cooperation can be achieved, first of all, because in the general direction, Netease game has been exploring how to make the game into a more valuable existence, so that the game disseminates more positive energy. Therefore, Netease Game jointly launched the Nature Guardian Plan with Netease Public Welfare, focusing on environmental issues. Blue Glass has also been fortunate to become the first practitioner of Nature Guardian Program in the overall brand of Netease games. We will set up the public welfare tour module in the game. When the player enters the designated chapters and scenes, it will trigger, display the design inspiration source of the corresponding scenes, the cultural value behind them, the current situation of the environment and other information, aiming at making more people pay attention to, participate in and maintain the green ecology and natural environment through the close interaction between the game and the natural environment protection.

In reality, Green Glass will join hands with Nature Conservation Association and Netease Public Welfare to launch the Glorious Guardian of Inner Mongolia campaign, Guardians will have the opportunity to go to the project site of Nature Conservation Association in Inner Mongolia, to participate in environmental protection, to pay attention to, participate in and practise together for the protection of the natural environment and green home.