One sentence provoked a dispute between the two countries Taiya Epic Small businessmen earn money every day

 One sentence provoked a dispute between the two countries Taiya Epic Small businessmen earn money every day

In some clothes, after months of battles, only two powerful and capable families, the Dragon Scale Legion and the Burning Legion, could eventually compete for ownership of the Central City. The two sides also made an appointment for a war to decide their final ownership. After the news came out, the whole service boiled, and many melon eaters speculated about who could be better in the family between Bozhong and Bozhong. More good people started a peripheral gambling and called on everyone to open the bet. The clothes are full of happy air.

You think theres going to be a war like this? Youre wrong...

Originally, all of this is the overall calculation of the Alquey hardware, the largest businessman in the Dragon Scale Legion and the server, known as the Five Masters. The purpose is to be count!

Businessmen Invest and Achieve the Strongest Family

Successful businessmen start with vendors

At that time, against the wind 007 wanted to establish a family, but suffered from insufficient contacts and funds. When the Fifth Master learned about it, he generously borrowed money to help him start a business. After the establishment of the family in 2007, we did not forget the grace of the Fifth Master. All the applied items in the Legion were purchased from the Fifth Master, which not only paid off the loan of the Fifth Master, but also made the Fifth Master more money.

Just when the two sides had finished the war and the server everyone knew that the two top families were going to fight a big battle, there were many rumors inside the Burning Legion. The versions were changeable and the details were different, but there was a common core: the eldest of the family took the money of the Dragon Scale Legion against the wind, wanted to sell the family for pride and prepared to merge the whole clan into the Dragon Scale Legion!

Its not easy to win a war.

In order to stabilize the army before the war, 007 had to step down and set up a cross Exorcism of the Burning Legion to take over the position of patriarch. This action also calmed down the family rumors. When we were preparing for a show, the chieftain surrendered one minute after the start of the war, which shocked everyone to gaze at the gods end.

Regrettably, the Burning Legion was full of ambition, but was asked to surrender before the patriarchal platoon, which broke up the hearts of the people, the family finally had to dissolve.

Take Country as the Goods, Five Masters Laugh to Accept the World

At the beginning of the uniform, the Fifth Master invested in several families. The Burning Legion was just one of them. The purpose was that when a family had the strength to dominate the home uniform, he could pick fruit in time. What outsiders dont know is that his greatest pressure is on the Dragon Scale Legion. As long as the Dragon Scale Legion can enter Central City and become an earl, he will become a royal businessman with the power of multinational traders and make the business bigger!

The cross exorcism that took over the Dragon Scale Legion before the war was the real spy who bought and planted after the situation became clear gradually. The purpose was to force the Dragon Scale Legion to abdicate against the wind in order to surrender on the battlefield, so that the Dragon Scale Legion could win the Central City without a single soldier. If the cross exorcism did not abdicate against the wind, the cross exorcism would lead its immediate negatively idle work on the battlefield and give the Dragon Scale Legion a great advantage. Make sure that the position of Earl is not sidelined.

With country as the goods, businessmen do this, is also absolute!

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