Fifty-one-eighty-eight-point farewell four years ago, the hot plate plunged by 80percent.

 Fifty-one-eighty-eight-point farewell four years ago, the hot plate plunged by 80percent.

Over the past four years, most industry sectors and individual stocks have been in a downward state, but some sectors and individual stocks have succeeded in strong performance and positive returns.

Wind statistics show that the wine industry is the largest sector in four years. The Brewery Index also fell sharply by more than 30% in the early days of the market. Later, in the rescue fund and its own undervaluation triggered a large number of north-up funds to buy at the bottom of 941 points on August 25, 2015, after a concussion rose to 3479 points today, the interval rose 270%. In terms of closing 1466 points on June 12, 2015, it rose 137% in four years.

The banking sector has also earned 9.37% positive returns over the past four years, with the bank index rising from 1739 to 1902 today. During this period, the bank index reached an all-time high of 2230 points, even 12.85% higher than the bull market peak of 1976 in 2007. The insurance index rose from 1787 to 2010, up 12.48% in four years. As a financial troika, securities firms have obviously lagged behind. The index of the securities industry has dropped from 2690 to 1280, and dropped 52% in four years, exceeding the decline of the Shanghai and Shenzhen indexes in the same period.

With the fall of the share prices of Le TV Network and Storm Group, the biggest decline in the past four years is undoubtedly the Internet sector. The Internet Index has reached the peak of 5 transactions ahead of the market, reaching a maximum of 10022 points. As of today, the Internet Index closed only 2205 points, and the interval dropped to 78%, which is similar to that of the Nasdaq, which burst in 2000.

In addition, as leading stocks such as Huayi Brothers have fallen sharply, the decline of media entertainment sector in the past four years has far exceeded the decline of the market in the same period. The Media Entertainment Index (MEI) dropped 74% from 3684 at the close of June 12, 2015 to 946 at todays close.

Twenty-five shares doubled

In terms of individual stocks, Muyuan shares, with its rapid expansion of scale, have become the largest stock in four years, rising by more than 370% in four years (excluding new stocks). Its operating income increased from 3 billion yuan in 2015 to 13.388 billion yuan in 2018, an increase of 346%, which is comparable to the increase in stock prices. Muyuan shares in the market is still in a sharp decline, it shows a great difference, only in the initial short period of decline, immediately after 9 trading days, 8 trading breaks hit a record high at that time (reinstatement).

Maotai, Guizhou Province, the most favored capital from the north, ranked second with a 4-year increase of 310%. As Beisheng Capital began to disclose the details of individual stock trading in June 2016, Wind data shows that Beisheng Capital only holds about 21.8 billion yuan of market value stock in Maotai, Guizhou Province on June 29, 2016, while the market value of Beisheng Capital Holdings has increased to more than 96 billion yuan at the close of today. The rise of Maotai in Guizhou is inseparable from the promotion of funds going north.

Wuliangye, Supol, Shuijingfang, Haitian Weiye and other 23 shares rose more than 100% in four years. In addition, China Merchants Bank, Huaxin Cement, Ping An, Wanhua Chemistry and other companies have gained positive returns for more than four years.

Jinya Technologies, punished by the SFC for major violations such as forging financial data, fabricating customers, forging contracts, forging bank documents and forging records of materials and products, has fallen the largest share price in four years. Its share price has fallen from 34.51 yuan at the close of June 9, 2015 (subsequent suspension) to 0.77 yuan at the suspension date of August 7, 2018, with an interval of up to 98%, such as 52.7% at the highest level on May 14, 2015. At $47, the decline will be even more astonishing.

Hua Zetui, * ST Baoqian, Storm Group, Qianshan Yam Machinery and other 40 shares also fell more than 90% in four years, most of which are ST shares.

In addition to the unsatisfactory market performance, A shares have undergone profound changes in the past four years. In the past four years, more than 900 new listed companies have been added, and the supervision of the market by the management has become increasingly stringent, the inquiry mechanism has been improved, and the delisting efforts of listed companies on such issues as fraud and serious losses have been strengthened unprecedentedly. In addition, with the incorporation of MSCI and FTSE Russell into A-share, the regulatory authorities liberalized the restrictions of foreign-controlled joint venture securities firms, which made the internationalization of A-share continue to advance rapidly.

Source: Liable Editor of Securities Times Network: Liu Song_NBJ9949