Two sugary drinks a day can lead to premature death? Okay!

 Two sugary drinks a day can lead to premature death? Okay!

However, in recent years, with the rise of the concept of fitness and body management, people pay more and more attention to eating, and the word saccharification has gradually been familiar with.

For celebrities who attach great importance to facial management, skin glycosylation is the same as aging, and it is absolutely not a vocabulary. Zhang Shaohan is one of them. She once shared her anti-aging and anti-glycosylation secrets in Little Red Book, and went on a hot search at that time.

This skin glycosylation is actually a glycosylation reaction. It refers to the glycosylation end products produced by the combination of sugar and protein in food. When the glycosylation end products accumulate in the body and act on collagen, collagen will lose elasticity first, and eventually become relaxed and collapsed, accelerating aging. Skin will also become darker and darker.

See, do you think that the effect of saccharification is only skin appearance? Nonono, a recent study published in Circulation, a well-known Journal of cardiovascular medicine, has found that two sugary drinks a day can lead to premature death... Early... Death...

Should we drink milk tea with our lives in the future? Authoritative journals, stars and the media are in the battle. Its a bit scary. So, is sugar such a terrible thing?

Lets first look at the negative effects of sugar.

1. Accelerating skin aging

Like free radicals, it is the main cause of skin aging. When you eat too much sugar and metabolize poorly, the sugar in your blood will be adsorbed on the protein fibers, causing saccharification and destroying the fibers. Over time, your skin will age and relax.

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Artificial sugar stimulates insulin secretion, disrupts balance, and increases male hormones, which in turn stimulates the sebaceous glands and causes acne.

3. Fatty liver is easily induced.

Sugar not only disturbs insulin, but also reduces the ability to metabolize fat, causing a burden on the liver.

But sugar is also an indispensable ingredient in our bodies like water. Sugar can provide energy for the human body. About 70% of the energy needed by the human body is supplied by sugar. In addition, sugar is also an important component of cell tissue, which can maintain human metabolism and immune function. It is absolutely indispensable.

The Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents recommended that sugar intake should not exceed 50 g per day. In other words, if you drink a bottle of Coke a day, your sugar will exceed the standard. So how to quit sugar healthily? It is suggested that you can cut out artificial or synthetic sugars, such as additives in beverages and sweets, and calculate sugars intake from other sources, such as fructose in fruits and sugars in carbohydrates, to keep it within a reasonable range.

Zhang Shaohans Sugar Abstinence Standard?

In addition to adjusting diet, exercise can also bring better results. Exercise enhances physical fitness and metabolism, but also enhances the process of sugar metabolism, thereby reducing and alleviating the glycosylation reaction, to achieve the purpose of delaying aging.

In addition, creatine and carnosine in muscle also have anti-glycosylation effect. Therefore, we suggest that you develop the habit of exercise, 3-4 times a week, the best combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise and no less than 30 minutes each time, the body and skin at the same time, the mood is not too wonderful ah.

In addition, more attention should be paid to the intake of beverages. Dont think that only carbonated beverages are bad for your health! Some tea-flavored beverages, such as iced black tea, contain more sugar than cola! Drinking this is better than drinking Coke!

Heres a simple way to help you choose drinks: The higher the energy ratio in a general beverage product, the higher the sugar content. This energy refers to the energy that sugar brings to the body after it is ingested. And the data labeled in the general composition table are grams, such as how much energy per 100 ml, how much per 50 ml, and most of the whole bottle of drinks are 250 ml or more, so we still need to calculate it.~

Have you ever given up sugar? Stamp comments and chat! DBQ himself has failed and is drinking milk tea with his life, what to do?

Source: Responsible Editor of Fashion COSMO: Wen Xin_NB11808