How does a man love beauty? Ancient pig boy makeup history subversion three views

 How does a man love beauty? Ancient pig boy makeup history subversion three views

Nowadays, male cosmetology is nothing new. Last year, two major domestic e-commerce platforms jointly released the Report on Gendered Consumption and Gender Consumption Trends in China. The report shows that the market of mens skin care products in China has reached 10 billion yuan. By 2019, the total market value will increase to 15.4 billion yuan.

With the influence of variety shows, idol effect and other trends, the consumption demand of men in delicate life may be in full swing.

Students who have seen Running Bar should know the stem of Cow Beauty. Even Li Chen, the big black bull, began to pay attention to beauty, two mask a day, and Deng Chao and Chen he ridiculed beauty cattle.

Another member of the mens team, Zheng Kai, a cheetah, is also a skincare expert.

Some time ago, he also poked out photos of his foot application on the Internet. Yes, you did not read them wrong, that is, Jios photos, and the quotation Once a man loves beauty, theres nothing for a woman.

Fans leave messages saying, you can smell the smell across the screen, and do you want to paint nail polish?

In a recent program, Zheng Kais wallet was found to have a list of 5,000 yuan, and Yuqis brother blurted out, Wow, have you had a face lift? It still cost more than 5,000. Zheng Kai said that the 5000 is not cosmetic surgery, but to beauty, to do a facial maintenance.

There are many male stars drying out of the dynamic life, are also applied mask.

Li Yifeng


Cui Shiyuan

Do you still remember the Korean goalkeeper Zhao Xianyou, who was popular recently because of the foundation? When the shot was close-up of the goalkeeper, it was found that he had beautiful eyebrows, red lips and ruddy complexion. After 90 minutes of intense competition, Zhao Xianyous hairstyle was still, and his makeup was firmly fixed on his face. The excellent rescue performances on the field were all saved by the models.

Not only stars and celebrities, but also more and more men join the army of delicate pig boys. Should sloppy girl papers also reflect? After all, we cant lose to the post-10 pupils.

The history of mens love of beauty is no longer normal.

If love of beauty is a womans nature, then why not men? In fact, since ancient times, mens pursuit of their own appearance has reached a certain height!

Many data show that Chinese people may be the first to learn cosmetics. In Chuci Dazhao, it is recorded that Yi Zhongli Li Xin acts as an animal. Pink and black, Shi Fangze only.

According to archaeological findings, the earliest cosmetic appliances were used by men. Later, a portable cosmetic box for men was unearthed in Chu Tomb No. 1 in Zaoyang, Hunan Province.

Taiping Royal View records that the inventor of makeup powder is Dayu; in the History of Museum, it records that burning potted tin as powder, also known as makeup powder was invented by the King of Shang Dynasty; some people say that makeup powder was created by the daughter of Duke Qin and Mu, although there are different opinions, it can explain the very early age of the appearance of makeup powder.

Chinese men began to love beauty in primitive society for the sake of engaging in sacred religious activities. In ancient times, people regarded sacrificial activities as very important. They would dress themselves up carefully. Men were the main participants in Chinese sacrificial activities. These traditions can be said to be the embryonic form of male make-up.

Ancient men pursued beauty from three perspectives: accessories, face and beard. In the Han Dynasty, it was popular to coat the neck with powder mixed with rice and lead, so the word powder was divided from rice.

There is another kind of makeup powder, which is made from white lead into paste. Because it is made of lead, also known as lead China.

During the Wei and Jin Dynasties, it gradually transited to facial whitening, light vermilion and fragrant body.

Since then, a shaving technique has been developed, which is known as shaving. In ancient times, the generally accepted image of a beautiful man was white and thin, with a slight beard, which also required a fairly high shaving requirement, both to show a white face, but also to leave a slight beard.

In the Tang Dynasty, lipid was essential for winter. The mouth fat is equivalent to the lipstick now, and it is also divided into various colors. The emperor would give lipid to ministers as a benefit. It is said that the first stick-like lipid was invented by the Tang Dynasty.

Not only the face, in ancient times, men also took good care of their hair. Chinese men all have elegant hair, hair care is a very good set, to use fragrance, that is, hair balm to care.

Truth be told, if you really go back to ancient times, men are not only beautiful, but also fragrant. They smoke incense on their clothes. Is that incense imported from Western Regions? Cao Cao once issued the Wei Wu Ling prohibition of incense, but how can not blame the public, incense to the prevailing trend, widely circulated among the literati. In addition to incense, there are also local incense sacs.

You think thats the only way? They also have long, slender nails. Previously seen in the Qing Palace Opera, those women with more dignified status will grow their nails and wear exquisite nail sets. According to historical records, ministers in the Warring States Period also trimmed their nails.

Do you remember the story of Zou Jis acceptance of remonstrance in the Warring States Policy? Zou Ji can reflect on himself from small incidents and help King Qi to govern the country. But from Zou Jis attention to his appearance, we can see that the men at that time really loved beauty. Zou Ji asked his wife, concubines, friends and guests who were more beautiful than himself and Xu Gong, a famous contemporary beauty.

In ancient Egyptian culture, men used black pigments to depict the cats eye liner, and also like peacock green to draw eye shadows. The purpose was to pay homage to Horus and to resist the invasion of disease.

The same is true in Europe. Louis Xiv, a popular high perfume and white stockings popular among men, is a perfume king. he often asks the perfumers to modulate new odors, and even calls on his subjects to exchange different fragrances every day.

By the time of Louis XVI, Louis XVI was extremely fond of makeup and haircuts, which was also because he began to bald at the age of 23. He forced French aristocrats to wear wigs, and the royal family was marked by beautiful wigs, high heels and furs.

So men all over the world have never been less beautiful than women since ancient times. Straight men, stop making excuses for your laziness! Source: Netease Fashion. Internal Source Responsibility Editor: Wen Xin_NB11808

So men all over the world have never been less beautiful than women since ancient times. Straight men, stop making excuses for your laziness!