Shop assistants will send photos of female customers with poor reviews to friends: fired

 Shop assistants will send photos of female customers with poor reviews to friends: fired

On June 12, Luo, manager of Ranjiali Branch of Huang Jinjia Lobster House in Chongqing, told Peng Mei News that the micro-signal of releasing pictures and comments of female customers was the public micro-signal of the restaurant, and that sending pictures and comments was a personal act of an employee, who had been dismissed.

Manager Luo said that on the evening of June 8, two girls scored Yi Xing on the public comment platform after eating in the restaurant and published comments. On the 9th, an employee of the store called the girl who had been monitored and sent a positive photo to her friend who had micro-signals in the store as Notice for Seeking Persons and commented that If you do something wrong, you will die; if you walk overnight, you will hit a ghost.

For the salesmans comment, Manager Luo thought it was really inappropriate. Luo said that this circle of friends was sent to the public micro-signal by the network operator in charge of promotion in the store. At present, the staff member has been removed, the circle of friends and photos disadvantageous to the parties have been deleted, and apologized to the parties through the micro-letter. The two sides have reached a settlement.

In this regard, Zhou Ming, a lawyer at Shanghai Zhengze Law Firm, believes that the inappropriate and unauthorized publication of consumer personal consumption videos infringes on consumerspersonal portrait rights, and also violates the provisions of the Consumer Rights and Interests Protection Law to disclose consumer personal information. If it causes losses to consumers, it may claim compensation. An apology may be requested if it causes adverse effects.

In addition, Zhou Ming said that consumers have the right to evaluate services and consumer experiences, including positive and negative reviews. Businessmen should treat evaluation normally, and should not take excessive actions and language that may involve intimidation, threatening the personal and property safety of consumers. Otherwise, consumers can complain to consumer associations and report further threats to public security organs in order to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

Source: Peng Mei News Responsible Editor: Qian Juanxiao_NBJ10675