Russian media: a new helicopter and an Arctic helicopter are expected to sell to China.

 Russian media: a new helicopter and an Arctic helicopter are expected to sell to China.

In answer to the most close cooperation between the Russian satellite news agency and which countries and regions, solomin said China was the first to bear the brunt. China has been a very good and serious partner for a long time. I think our helicopter has made the best impression on China. It is well understood that this is a region where we want to exist and a country with all kinds of great possibilities.

He also said that in Asia, not only in China. Although there was no close cooperation with India before, the Ulam Uhde aviation plant, a part of the Russian helicopter company, was expanding its business to India, namely the supply of rice -171A2 helicopters. A India company is buying one of the first batches of the helicopter.

The m -171A2 is equipped with a numerical control engine, and the rotor uses a new type of composite. The helicopter has improved its aerodynamic performance, propeller thrust and flight performance.

According to previous reports, Leonid - farewell, general manager of the Russian Ulan air manufacturing plant, said that China and several Russian departments are interested in buying the rice -8AMTSh-VA Arctic helicopter produced by the plant and are currently negotiating with potential customers. Compared with the basic rice -8AMTSh-V helicopter, one of the main features of the new m -8AMTSh-VA Arctic helicopter is that it is equipped with a unique transmission preheating system. The open air parked helicopter can start the engine at a low temperature of 60 degrees below zero, and equipped with new pilot and radio equipment, including digital automatic. A navigator and a navigation system that can operate without satellite signals.

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