Follow-up of Xian Mercedes-Benz Women Car OwnersRights Protection: The Service Fee for the New Car of the Same Type has been refunded

 Follow-up of Xian Mercedes-Benz Women Car OwnersRights Protection: The Service Fee for the New Car of the Same Type has been refunded

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Graduate Beauty Buy Mercedes-Benz Oil Spill 4S Store (Source:)

On June 11, 62 days after climbing up the hood of Mercedes-Benz to safeguard her rights, Wang Qian (pseudonym) brought her new car back from the 4S Mercedes-Benz store of Xian Lixing. In addition, Wang Qian told Red Star News that after receiving public attention, the 15,000 yuan service fee she was charged had also been refunded.

On June 11, Wang Qian (not her real name) proposed a new car.

Two months ago, Wang Qian climbed up the hood of the engine and cried for her rights after many unsuccessful negotiations with 4S stores due to the engine oil leak. Later, the Xian market supervision department intervened in the investigation. After appraisal, the right side of the cylinder block of the vehicle engine bought by Wang Qian was damaged and leaked oil. The reason is that the fixed bolt of the oil splash plate was left in the engine during the assembly process. During the high-speed operation of the engine, the large head of the second cylinder connecting rod impacted the bolt, which broke the cylinder block. Eventually, Xian Lizhixing Automobile Co., Ltd. was fined a total of 1 million yuan by the market supervision department of Xian Hi-tech Zone in accordance with the law for two illegal acts of misleading consumers by overstating and concealing information that is of great interest to consumers because it sells goods that do not meet the requirements of protecting personal and property safety.

On the evening of April 16, Wang Qian and Xian Lixing Mercedes-Benz 4S Store reached a settlement. One of them was that both sides agreed to replace a brand-new Mercedes-Benz CLS300 sports car version for Party B within 30 days by Party A (4S Store). Party B shall deliver the attached documents of the original vehicle to Party A the next day after signing this Agreement and transfer the original vehicle to Party As name in time. The second is that Party A is responsible for urging the third party to exempt and return the advance service, listing of representatives, registration of mortgages and other service fees totalling 15575 yuan.

According to CCTV, Zhang Min, chief economist of Taxation Bureau of Xian Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, once introduced that Wang Qians financial service fee was actually charged by the staff of the third party, Shaanxi Yuansheng Company, stationed at Lizhixing 4S Store in Xian. In the advance service agreement signed by the rights-defending women car owners and Shaanxi Yuansheng Automobile Trading Co., Ltd., it shows that the approved loan is 41960 yuan, of which 3%, totaling 12575 yuan, which is the compensation paid to Yuansheng Company by the owners. Yuansheng Company only retains 1% of the loan amount, and the other 2% goes into the account of Xian Lizhixing Automobile Co., Ltd. In the name of information technology service fee, Xian Lizhixing Automobile Co., Ltd. issued invoices for Shaanxi Yuansheng Automobile Trading Co., Ltd. and also declared and paid taxes.

It is reported that the law enforcement authorities have separately investigated and dealt with the illegal acts of Shaanxi Yuansheng Automobile Trading Co., Ltd. suspected of infringing consumersrights and interests.

Wang Qian told Red Star News that after checking her bank account, she found that the fees of listing and mortgage registration had been refunded, totaling 15,000 yuan, shortly after the fermentation of the rights protection incident. On June 11, Wang Qian went to Xian Lixing Mercedes-Benz 4S store to pick up her new car and put it on the license plate. The same type of vehicles were replaced, all white, and no additional fees were paid.

The 4S shop was fined, the new car was delivered and the service fee was refunded. Wang Qianweiquans case came to an end. However, after the exclusive report of Red Star News on April 19, its rights protection incident has attracted much attention. In March 2019, the defendant of Shanghai Competition Culture Development Co., Ltd. went to court for arrears of property fees. In addition, many merchants and suppliers claimed to be deceived. Since August last year, they have been defending their rights; many people have sued Shanghai Competitive Cultural Development Co., Ltd. in court.

In addition, Wang Qians Shanghai Competition Culture Development Co., Ltd. as supervisor was seized by the police recently. After verification by Red Star News, the companys Office of Gourmet Square Competition for Artists was indeed sealed. In this regard, Wang Qian told Red Star News that she had not received a notice of filing the case, Sealing is for the protection of the scene. On June 12, Red Star News verified the closure of Shanghai Competition Culture Development Co., Ltd. to the relevant departments in Shanghai, but no response was received.

660,000 women graduate students who bought Mercedes-Benz oil spill crying and defending their rights: too reasonable to be insulted

A woman in Xian bought a new Mercedes-Benz for 660,000 yuan. Before the car left the door, she found that the engine had leaked oil. Shop side said that only free engine replacement, women do not accept, running shop to say, video caused hot discussion on the Internet.

Female Mercedes-Benz owners do not accept apologies from 4S stores: to avoid overweight charges is to neglect indiscriminate charges

On the afternoon of April 13, the Mercedes-Benz owner Wang Qian (alias) met with the relevant officials of Xian Lixing for consultation. During the consultation process, Wang Qian said that Xian Lizhixing was suspected of using three packages of state to evade responsibility. In the process of purchasing vehicles, she was asked to pay a Mercedes-Benz financial service fee to individuals without knowing it, totaling more than 15,200 yuan. This is a fraud.

Xian Municipal Supervisory Bureau announces the treatment of protecting the rights of Mercedes-Benz owners: ordering refund

On April 13, the market regulator again ordered the Star of Benefits 4S store to implement the matter of refund as soon as possible. The interviewer heard eight new claims. On the same day, he also organized a dialogue and consultation between the director of the Star of Benefits 4S shop and the complaint, in an effort to reach a consensus on the solution of the problem between the two sides.

Mercedes-Benz owners refuse to refund before testing: If there is a pre-sale problem, one must be false and three must be compensated.

Wang Qian, a female Mercedes-Benz owner (not her real name), told the Beijing News that she had refused the Mercedes-Benz sides proposal of refunding money first and then testing, expressing her willingness to wait for the test results to come out and safeguard her rights according to law.

Mercedes-Benz Women Car OwnersRights Defense and Reconciliation Agreement Contents: Make up for the Birthday Decade VIP

On the evening of April 16, Xian Mercedes-Benzs rights-defending female car owner, Ms. W (pseudonym), and Xian Lizhixing Automobile Co., Ltd. reached a settlement agreement on vehicle replacement compensation.