Law enforcers denied having umbrellas: none of the 30-year-old grades were working.

 Law enforcers denied having umbrellas: none of the 30-year-old grades were working.

On June 10, Li Tingzhen reported on his personal micro-blog that Liu Chunguang, former director of the Soil Office of Xinzhou Environmental Protection Bureau, was a three-fake law enforcement officer with false educational background, cadres and institutions, and referred to Gui Guoqing, who manipulated white gloves (note: referring to illegal intermediaries), wantonly involved in criminal activities and suspected of official crimes.

Subsequently, Dong Ke, Director of Xinzhou Eco-environment Bureau, responded that the temporary agency Soil Office had been revoked, Liu Chunguang had restored his status as a worker, and other suspected violations of laws and regulations by Liu Chunguang would be handed over to relevant departments in accordance with normal procedures.

On June 12, Peng Mei News contacted Liu Chunguang, who was reported. He responded to some of the reports about his educational background, curriculum vitae, luxury cars, name forms, and the establishment of Soil Office. He accused Liu of using the administrative power of examining and approving hazardous waste collection to help enterprises make good fishing profits with himself, and forced other enterprises to make excuses.

Liu Chungguang denied all charges of rent-seeking by means of administrative examination and approval power, saying that there are any illegal acts, willing to be dealt with by Party discipline and state law; but he also said that his work is inevitably flawed and not in place with assurance, and hoped that the organization would protect it.

For the reasons for his being reported, Liu Chunguang claimed to be stubborn and straightforward. He had many local friends and offended some people, so he was retaliated against.

In the interview, Liu Chunguang sighed from time to time, saying that he had suffered from mental exhaustion recently, and had made the worst plan, resigned to fate.

Recognize the identity of a worker and deny that he is a driver

Peng Mei News: The report says that you are a three fake law enforcement officer with fake academic qualifications, fake cadres and fake institutions. Can you first respond to your academic qualifications?

Liu Chunguang: I graduated from the Central Party School in the 1990s with a college degree in economic management. In the work of three determinations carried out by the organizational department in 2006, the identity card, educational background and age were all approved.

Peng Mei News: Is it full-time?

Liu Chunguang: Correspondence. I graduated from Xinzhou No. 1 Middle School before.

Surging News: When did you enter the EPA? What positions have you been in? The report says you used to be a driver.

Liu Chunguang: When you enter the EPA in 1990, you can do some chores. You drove in the Forestry Bureau before. When you transferred to the EPA, I told you that I wanted to change my position. I didnt drive, so I agreed to come. Because I was not in good health, appendix perforation and purulent operation, I stayed in hospital for ten months, almost died.

Peng Mei News: Have you never driven a car in the EPA for a day?

Liu Chunguang: When I went to the first director-general, I didnt drive a car. Then I came to the second director-general. I told him the reason why I didnt drive. But people were leaders. Once I was asked to drive to Taiyuan for a meeting. I still had to drive. But that was not a meeting. It was his private business. I told him that I only drove a bus, but I didnt help him with personal affairs. Busy work, and then there were some unpleasant, he was offended, I finished off work.

Surging News: Where did you go afterwards? The report said that you were also the director of Xinzhou Motor Vehicle Exhaust Detection Center. How did you become the director?

Liu Chunguang: About 1993, when the government set up an enterprise to sing opera, I went out to do business and sold grain and coke. In 2004, one of our directors was beaten up when he went to check the atmosphere. He was also beaten twice. Others gave him advice and said that Liu San was born and bred in Xinzhou. He had many classmates and brothers. He had no courage to fight him. He might as well call him back. So I came back, let me bring a group of people to do atmospheric management, and then reported a compilation, promoted me to be director.

Has been warned and dismissed, claiming to be grievance

Pengwei News: The report also mentions a public notice in 2009, saying that during your tenure as director of Xinzhou Motor Vehicle Exhaust Detection Center, you were dismissed and warned. Whats the matter?

Liu Chunguang: Oh, I tell you that Im a rude person and I dont care about anything. You spend mine and I spend yours. Anyway, I cant tell. Im not a politician or a driver. Thats over. Lets not talk about it. Im grieving to the extreme.

Pengwei News: Xinzhou Discipline Commission reported in 2009 that you also received money.

Liu Chunguang: The money I received was used for work after the approval of the leaders of the unit. Later, it was also returned.

Peng Mei News: The bulletin also said that you illegally occupied 5693.6 yuan. Whats the matter?

Liu Chunguang: 5693 yuan is for five cigarettes and balconies. Once a man came to my house and saw my balcony and said he had removed the old aluminium alloy and helped me seal the balcony again. Later, I gave him 3000 yuan, but there was no receipt. Finally, he was reported. Thats what theyve been trying to do with me. For the past few years, dont mention it. Its bothering me.

Surging News: What are you doing in the next few years after that punishment? Reporting letter questioned you, after being punished, how can you become soil office director?

Liu Chunguang: After that happened, I stopped working for two or three years, doing odds and ends work in the company, such as investigating any unexpected events, accompanying interviews by the media, and collecting information from some black enterprises.

Peng Mei News: The report says that this soil office is specially set up for you. How did you become the director of soil office?

Liu Chunguang: Soil Office is a temporary agency set up by the Bureau to deal with the work in the province. It is the office under the leadership group of soil pollution prevention and control. I am the temporary director appointed by the Party group.

Peng Mei News: When was it founded? What are the main functions? How many employees are there?

Liu Chunguang: Established in 2014, it was called the Office for the Prevention and Control of Solid Waste Pollution. In 2017, it was renamed the Office for the Prevention and Control of Soil Pollution. Mainly for solid waste management and soil pollution prevention and control, collection for waste approval is also here. I am the only official worker here. The rest are borrowed by the subordinate units. Two are in the county, and one is dispatched by labor service.

Peng Mei News: Soil Office When was it abolished? What is your status now?

Liu Chunguang: I cant remember any day. Maybe the last two days have already had a meeting. Im a worker now, not even at a section level. I have already left my post, and now the work of the docking enterprise is temporarily under the responsibility of the Ecology Department.

Peng Mei News: Arent you at the department level now?

Liu Chunguang: I am a worker, approved by the Organizational Department in 2010, working in a laboratory, is a sub-section treatment.

Peng Mei News: Is there a soil office in the county?

Liu Chunguang: Not in the county. For example, there are three units of water, gas and soil in our city, three corresponding provincial offices, and only one pollution prevention unit in the county, which corresponds to three units in our city.

Peng Mei News: Do other cities, such as Taiyuan, have such a soil office?

Liu Chunguang: In some places, such as solid waste service center, or management center, the name is different.

Surging News: Do you know why you were reported? Do you know the informant?

Liu Chunguang: This man is said to be entrusted by others. I dont know him. There is no intersection and no festival.

Self-proclaimed workaholic, and said inevitably flawed

Peng Mei News: According to the report, you have been covering a man named Gui Guoqing, helping his enterprise collect dangerous waste products, thus driving away other enterprises. How do you know Gui Guoqing?

Liu Chunguang: Gui Guoqing is also from Xinzhou. One of his classmates is my colleague. This colleague has a good relationship with us for decades. We are all in Xinzhou No. 1 Middle School. There are so many people in Xinzhou.

Peng Mei News: The report says that your relationship is very good. Do you often meet each other?

Liu Chunguang: It should be like that. Its OK. Usually also often together, playing ball, playing chess.

Peng Mei News: We found that Gui Guoqing has a Xinzhou Green Kun Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. does his company have a Hazardous Waste Collection and Management License?

Liu Chunguang: His company has a business license. He is authorized by other qualified companies to operate in Xinzhou.

Peng Mei News: Which company is it?

Liu Chunguang: My mind has been messed up these days. I cant remember it, but there are procedures.

(Note: Gui Guoqing told Pengwei News that he registered Xinzhou Green Kun Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. in 2016 and applied for the Hazardous Waste Collection and Management License. He was rejected for failing the EIA. Then he cooperated with Shanxi Xinhai Chemical Company and Xingsheng New Energy Co., Ltd. to develop hazardous waste collection business in Xinzhou in the form of authorization from these companies.)

Peng Mei News: Is it legal for other companies to commission him to collect such operations?

Liu Chunguang: Not by entrusting Gui Guoqings company to collect, but by entrusting Gui Guoqing himself, as a qualified companys business personnel, to acquire here.

Pengwei News: But Gui Guoqing also has his own company in Xinzhou and does not have the corresponding acquisition qualification. How to ensure that the waste he purchases goes to the qualified disposal company instead of to his own company?

Liu Chunguang: We have management methods. Every time dangerous waste is collected and transferred, it must be in accordance with the contract. For example, I entrust you to do business in Xinzhou. The contract you signed is the contract of our company, not the contract of Guizhou General Corporation itself.

Peng Mei News: But if Gui Guoqing handles it himself, how can he supervise it?

Liu Chunguang: Thats impossible. The five-united list of hazardous waste transfer has been supervised. The production and waste units, transport units, acceptance units and environmental protection units in our cities and counties should all be matched.

Peng Mei News: The report says that you helped Gui Guoqing solicit business, thus forcing many other qualified enterprises away. Whats your explanation?

Liu Chunguang: I dont know who I squeezed through. Now there is such a situation, not a lot of people with fake contracts, fake qualifications to the enterprise to swagger and cheat it? They collected the waste and dumped it at will, so I asked everyone who worked in Xinzhou to issue a certificate to their company, send us a letter, who, how many ID numbers, and so on, and put it on record here, so that we thought he was legal and could engage in business activities in Xinzhou. Others do not provide proof, we do not approve, afraid it is false.

Surging News: But this is deliberately set up obstacles, change the pressure on all enterprises?

Liu Chunguang: where is this possible, as long as the procedure is complete, he can come over to do it, and the procedure is not complete, we can not do it in our department. I am not the only one who has the final say. We have several batches of salesmen. Before the salesmen check, they will finish the review later. After I finish the trial, we will be in charge of the Secretarys examination before we can approve the approval of the logistics bill.

Peng Mei News: The report said that you seized the right to examine and approve the Five Couplets of Documents and made profits for Gui Guoqing. Someone gave you money.

Liu Chunguang: Now I have an advantage in this job. I dont lack money. I did a good business at that time. I was a bad official. No one gave me a lot of money, and no one gave me a small amount of money. So Im still honest in this job. Its not that I dont like money. Its mainly that no one gave me money, because this post is not a place to make money.

Responding to luxury car and name list, denying that there is an umbrella

Peng Mei News: What is your status after you know that you have been reported in real name?

Liu Chunguang: These days, this matter has made people exhausted. They cant sleep at night. They are awake when they fall asleep. They are muddy during the day. I am 56 years old this year. I am about to retire. The hospital has also diagnosed me. The first is nephritis, the second is diabetes, and the third is suspected cancer patients.

Surging News: Cancer has not been diagnosed yet?

Liu Chunguang: There is no definite diagnosis, but there are two laboratory indicators for cancer patients to have this indicator, other diseases are not.

Surging News: What Indicators?

Liu Chunguang: I cant remember that clearly.

Peng Mei News: The whistleblower also said that you are full of bad language, poor quality, driving an off-road car, wearing a big gold chain, and luxury watches. The clothes are the style of the underworld elder brother.

Liu Chunguang: Ill take a photo with you and send it to you now. You see if I have the appearance of a big underworld brother. Im wearing a Shanghai watch. I cant name a Shanghai watch. The most expensive one is 100,000 yuan.

Peng Mei News: How much is your watch?

Liu Chunguang: This is more than 9000 yuan for me.

Peng Mei News: Thats also very high.

Liu Chunguang: The children are at work. I have been working for 40 years. Whats so strange about that? I also wear a big gold chain?

Peng Mei News: Do you wear a big gold chain?

Liu Chunguang: Im a state worker. Im environmentally friendly. I also wear a big gold chain. If I follow their description, Im going to install a golden tooth, wear a black sunglasses and come out with a bodyguard.

Surging News: Yes, they said you drove the Land Rover, right?

Liu Chunguang: Yes.

Peng Mei News: Which series of Land Rover? How much is it worth?

Liu Chunguang: Its a Land Rover Discovery 4, diesel version, 200,000, 2010 car.

Peng Mei News: Did you buy it by yourself? How about 200,000?

Liu Chunguang: A friend mortgaged it. He borrowed 200,000 yuan from me. I have a money order here.

Surging News: If someone comes to investigate these things, can you tell the source clearly?

Liu Chunguang: Yes, absolutely.

Liu Chunguang claimed to have worn a watch. Respondents Map

(Note: At the request of the surging journalist, Liu Chunguang sent out pictures of three watches he owned and changed his name to say that the watches of more than 9,000 yuan mentioned earlier were joking. He said that the most expensive one was only worth 2,400 yuan, which was a birthday gift from his daughter. The other one was bought online, which cost 1,300 yuan, and the other one was his land stall in Dalian, which cost 200 yuan. Reporters sent this picture to a well-known online watcher, flowers always lost the Golden hoop stick to see, which said that two of them may be false, if it is true, the price should be 1,000 yuan or 2,000 yuan.)

Peng Mei News: The report also says that you have a umbrella behind you.

Liu Chunguang: If someone protects me, is this the case now? I am over fifty years old and have worked in the Environmental Protection Bureau for thirty years, not even at the level of a department.

Surging News: How do you evaluate your work?

Liu Chunguang: I am a workaholic. I have worked diligently for 30 years in EPA. I have witnessed the development of environmental protection work. In the past, extensive management has become more scientific and has been making progress. But I was the result of being beaten and retaliated. Of course, this work can not be done successfully, inevitably there are some personal flaws, because solid waste management work, there is no standard, your management method is not necessarily said above that it is right, in case there are inevitably some mistakes in the work, or grasp the inadequate place, I still hope that the organization to protect me.

(Note: According to Liu Chunguang, he was doing business from 1993 to 2004, so the actual working time in EPA should be about 20 years.)

Peng Mei News: Have you been contacted by relevant units recently? Have you ever thought about the consequences you might face?

Liu Chunguang: I cant sleep. Once approved, a special team was set up to investigate. The Discipline Inspection Commission said that we are not trade unions, we are not evaluating advanced technology, we are looking into problems. Ive prepared for the worst. Let it be.