Pan Yueming Qiwei won the annual actors and actresses at the end of the Internet boutique Festival

 Pan Yueming Qiwei won the annual actors and actresses at the end of the Internet boutique Festival

China New Zealand Online Shanghai, June 12 (Reporter Miaolu) as one of the highlights of the Shanghai International Film and Television Festival in 2019, the Internet Film and Television Festival ended on the evening of 11, Pan Yueming and Qiwei were awarded male and female actors of the year.

In the past year, the network film and television market, which is dominated by network drama, network film and network variety arts, has witnessed vigorous development. 283 online dramas, 162 online variety shows and 1523 online big movies have achieved leaps in viewing, theme innovation and production level.

Pan Yueming won the actor of the year for Nu Qing Xiangxi. Official Mapping

This year, the online drama on the Top List of Internet Movies and Television in 2019 is more realistic, younger and pluralistic as a whole. Successfully drifting girls career and love, perplexity and growth directly hit contemporary womens heart of Beijing Womens Tujian, depicting small figures and peoples lives in a delicate way, Rural Love 11, are excellent representative works of the sinking line of vision of the network drama; The Sudden Summer with high scores of Douban, Peoples Bizarre Youth and Exclusive Memory will be the most online drama. As for the selection of Nuqing Xiangxi, Tiankeng Falcon, Central Bureau of Antique Bureau, Golden Pupil and Oriental Wall Street, it shows the vivid variety and splendor of the online drama theme.

Breaking through the cold problem of the reading program, skillfully integrating 12 classic books into the theatrical deductive technique of A Good Book; taking upside down as the theme, it eventually became the topic of the 2018 blockbuster and contributed to the most popular groups online synthesis Creation 101; the bitterness and bitterness of the mysterious profession of brokers and Me and My Brokers; using documentary techniques in detail. To describe the personality and heart of stars, adventure life; in sports, electronic competitions, science and technology and other vertical areas of sustained efforts, this! Its Iron Armor and This! Its dunk, Challenge! Space; break through the tired state of Comprehensive N Generation to complete the update and upgrading of Qi Hua Shuo (the fifth season), Star Detective (the fourth season) and other ten high-quality network synthesis, was awarded the annual high-quality network variety.

Create this! Dunk and My Broker and I two annual boutique network variety Sunmoon Starlight Media has become the network variety annual creative team, from the announcement of guests received the honor of the founder Yi Hua said: Maybe the audience saw only 12 weeks of programs, but before the team from creativity to research and development time may be two to three years, This is a group of talent. The achievements of youth and warm-blooded casting.

Qiwei won the title of actress of the year by virtue of Beijing Womens Tujian. Official Mapping

From the obscure twentieth-generation girls to inspirational miracles, Yang Chao can be said to be a representative of the trend of network variety to S + level. That evening Yang Chao won the honor of Individual Performance of the Year of Network Variety. On stage, in addition to thanking Creation 101 for giving him the opportunity, Yang Chao also said hello to himself five years later, and expressed his hope that as a newcomer in the industry, he would make greater efforts in the future to bring more and better works to share with the audience.

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