Overseas media attention to Chinas second aircraft carrier completed the first sea trial

 Overseas media attention to Chinas second aircraft carrier completed the first sea trial

Reported that the 50 thousand tonne aircraft carrier is Chinas second aircraft carrier, scheduled to start serving before 2020.

The report introduced that the first Chinese aircraft carrier, Liaoning ship, was purchased from Ukraine. It was almost only an empty shell that was bought by China at that time. The ship was formally served in 2012, and its air lineup was a fighter -15 fighter Made in China.

It was reported that both carriers were built on the former Soviet Unions Kuznetsov marshal aircraft carrier, using a skid takeoff deck and a conventional fuel steam turbine power system.

According to the report, it is believed that China is working to surpass the United States and become the strongest naval power in Asia, and China has become the country with the largest number of naval vessels. Beijing said that the development of aircraft carriers is to protect Chinas coastline and business routes.

According to the Taiwan Central News Agency reported on May 18th, Chinas first domestic aircraft carrier completed its first sea trial mission and is about to return to Dalian shipyard terminal. The trial began on the 13 day, and mainland media reported that many of the equipment on the ship were further tested to achieve the desired goal.

Xinhua news agency and other mainland official media reported earlier that the first sea test was mainly to test the reliability and stability of the power system and other equipment.

The report said that Chinas first domestic carrier was designed on the basis of the active carrier Liaoning ship. It is expected to serve before 2020, to accommodate more fighters, and to endow combat missions and make China a list of the powers of the United States, Britain, France and Russia.

The mainland media reported that the first homemade aircraft carrier was about 315 meters long, the maximum width of about 75 meters, and the drainage amount of 55 thousand tons, with the same traditional power as the Liaoning ship, not the nuclear power.

According to photos and satellite images, the Liaoning ship could carry 30 fighters, including fixed wing aircraft and helicopters, and the first homemade aircraft carrier could add 8 more, but the carrier technology was still far behind the United States, according to photos and satellite images.

Reported that defense ministry spokesman Chen Zhongji previously said that the Ministry of defense will continue to master the future trend of Chinas aircraft carrier.

The report said that Chinas first domestic aircraft carrier was launched into the sea trial on the 13 th of this month in April 26th last year for a total of 02 weeks.

In the beginning of the sea trial, the mainland media reported on the same day that the aircraft carrier had not changed in shape in the past year, mainly increasing the number of radar and communication antennas on the island, and the four improved active phased array radar, similar to the large 052D destroyer, had been installed.

The report also noted that the Sea red flag -10 short-range air defense missile and the 1130 type near defense gun system were also added on the outside side of the aircraft carrier flight deck.

On the 18 day, Chinas second aircraft carrier completed its first sea trial mission and arrived at the Dalian shipyard terminal. Central News Agency source: Reference News Network Editor: Yao Wenguang _NN1682