Former vice mayor of Zhuhai was reported by entrepreneurs: father and son embezzled more than 2 billion state-owned assets

 Former vice mayor of Zhuhai was reported by entrepreneurs: father and son embezzled more than 2 billion state-owned assets

Recently, the media reported that the former vice mayor and his son of Zhuhai embezzled more than 2 billion yuan of state-owned assets, and a small real estate company in Zhuhai (Zhuhai Baoli) fell into a whirlpool of public opinion. Yang Zhenhao, as a shareholder of the company, reported the incident.

On June 11, Time Finance and Economics learned from the China Operating Newspaper Reporter that Yang Zhenhao, a whistleblower, was temporarily inconvenient for media interviews and refused the interview with Yang Zhenhao.

On the same day, people around Yang Zhenhao received news that the dissolution of Zhuhai Baoli Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhuhai Baoli Real Estate) would be heard in court on June 19. Yang Zhenhao did not agree with the major shareholders, so he asked for dissolution.

In fact, the major shareholder is Lin Jieliang, the son of former Zhuhai Vice Mayor reported by Yang Zhenhao. Tian Eye Check shows that the real controller of Zhuhai Baoli Real Estate is Lin Jieliang, who holds 33.6% of the shares. Yang Zhenhao is the third largest shareholder and holds 30.89% of the shares.

It is understood that Zhuhai Baoli Real Estate is a local real estate business. It belongs to Zhuhai Grain, Oil and Food Import and Export Corporation of Guangdong Province (hereinafter referred to as Zhuhai Grain and Oil Import and Export Corporation). This nationwide owned enterprise and private enterprise Zhuhai Guangdi Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhuhai Guangdi Group) jointly established Zhuhai Baoli Real Estate. The Yujinglonghu developed by this enterprise is a residential district in the downtown area of Zhuhai City. It has covered the land for many years. After its completion in 2016, its sales have exceeded 2 billion yuan.

According to China Business Daily, between 2004 and 2008, with several changes in the ownership of Zhuhai Baoli Real Estate, Lin Jiedong and Lin Jieliang became the actual controllers of the company and 50,000 square meters of state-owned land. A series of changes, involving the Zhuhai Municipal Government, Zhuhai Land and Resources Bureau and many other documents, mostly through the then Vice Mayor of Zhuhai Lin Xing Road audit and approval. Yang Zhenhao has repeatedly reported to the relevant departments of Zhuhai and Guangdong Province on the real-name forest lanes, including the suspected illegal embezzlement of state-owned assets of forests.

Embezzlement of more than 2 billion state-owned assets

Time Finance and Economics got a report from the people who knew it about Report the abuse of power by former vice mayor of Zhuhai Lin Xing Road, illegally embezzle state-owned assets by power for personal gain, and transfer the project ofYujinglonghu Gardento his two sons, which revealed the business of Mayor Lin Fu and his son.

This report has been circulated on the Internet for a long time. Time and finance also found an introduction to the content of this report in the forum of Peoples Network Powerful Countries. Cui Hongxuan published a report from Huaxing Legal Aid on Peoples Weibo on May 18, 2019. By comparison, it was found that the content of this report is basically the same as that of the aforementioned report.

From 2007 to 2008, Mr. Yang Zhenhao, then Secretary of Lin Xingdao, Vice Mayor of Zhuhai Municipal Government, introduced Mr. Huang to Mr. Lin, and then transferred 32.79% of the shares of Baoli Company from Zhuhai Lizhou Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. for 43.5 million yuan. As a shareholder, I found that the operation of Zhuhai Baoli Real Estate is not like the normal company. The stock right and management of the company are actually owned by two sons of Linhang Road. His father, Linhang Road, directly participates in the management of the company. He has personally held shareholder meetings for many times and issued orders directly. Every meeting I attend as a shareholder, what I hear is arranged directly by Linhang Road. Projects.

Source: Beijing Time Responsibility Editor: Li Hang_BJS4645