NBL Summary: Mayo 45+11 Teams Winning Win Is No. 1 Unmatched by Guangxis Successive Failure

 NBL Summary: Mayo 45+11 Teams Winning Win Is No. 1 Unmatched by Guangxis Successive Failure

After the opening of the game, Anhui Wenxin took the lead in lay-up scoring in a week. Li Minghao, captain of Guangxi Weizhuang, immediately responded by three points, and the score of both sides increased alternately. Under the excellent performance of Zhang Yupeng, Chen Jinlong, Li Minghao and Jones, Guangxi Weizhuang constantly put pressure on the opponents defense line. The score reached 29-19, and for the first time the difference was increased to double digits. Wenyi of Anhui Province pressed the whistle three points, the first section ended with 35-29, and Weizhuang of Guangxi was 6 points ahead.

At the beginning of the second section, Guangxi Weizhuang foreign aid Tserbos took over the competition. First, he made two fouls, then scored two consecutive strong basketballs, and then succeeded in Jones Miaos stormtelling dunk. The score became 46-36, and Guangxi Weizhuang regained a ten-point lead over his opponents. Anhui Wenyi shows a slightly declining trend in this section, the rhythm of attack and defense at both ends is not very good. With Guangxi Weizhuang Chen Keliang succeeding Jones in assisting three points and snatching fast-break hits, at the end of half-time, Guangxi Weizhuang led Anhui Wenyi by 59-46.

Yibian Re-fighting, Anhui Wenyi Holman scored, Guangxi Weizhuang Jones Throwing Response. Guangxi Weizhuang always holds the initiative of the game. Jones steals the fast break score and then breaks through the layup. Anhui Wenyi is forced to suspend the game. 79-62, Guangxi Weizhuang leads by 17 points. After the suspension, Anhui Wenyi Holman and Rochester scored successively, chasing the score to 72-85. At the end of the third section, Anhui Wenyi lagged behind by 74-87.

Guangxi Weizhuang Zilbers 29 points 17 rebounds, Jones 28 points 10 assists, Li Minghao 21 points, Zhang Yupeng 12 points, Chen Jinlong 12 points, Chen Keliang 11 points.

Anhui Wenyi Yang Wenbo scored 25 points, Holman 22 points, Rochester 20 points 9 assists and Zhou Qixin 17 points.

[Post-match Voice

Anhui Wenyi Coach Liu Jiulong: Our team members did not give up, after all, Guangxi is a strong team for championship this year. For us, todays game wont affect the rest of the game. During the whole game, we didnt play well in the first half. In the second half, when we scored, we made more mistakes. Next game, we go back to sum up, and our home court, the first round is not over, although we are now two consecutive defeats, but I hope that through the efforts of our players, the efforts of the coaching team, hope that the team can go on the right track.

Zhang Yong, Coach of Guangxi Weizhuang: According to the arrangement before the match, the main scoring players of the other side are well limited. The whole rotation is done according to our requirements. The ball can be won and the score of the other side is limited to 100 points. Usually, their scores are 120 points. Today, we mainly win in defense.

Guangxi Weizhuang player Li Minghao: The coach made a good arrangement before the match. We attach great importance to it both up and down, because last year we were killed by both of them. This year, with a lot of strength, we have played a mighty fight.

Hunan Jinjian Rice Industry 103-98 Beijing Bucks

Section II, the two sides pay more attention to defense, in the offensive end of energy, leading to the score was not pulled back. Zhao Ye, who played well in the first quarter of Hunan Team, showed his brilliance in the second quarter. He not only restricted his opponents on the defensive side, but also stood up to hit the key ball at the critical moment to boost the team momentum and help the team enter the second half with 53-49 lead.

Through half-court adjustment, the Beijing team took the lead in leveling the score through Damikes killing on-line. Hunan Jinjianmi Industry made pertinent adjustments to change the rhythm of the game by replacing Lu Ji. The first round of substitution adjustment was instant. Lu Ji organized many attacks and scored many times with Zhao Ye, Mayo and Wen Shengjie. Beijing Bucks give full play to the advantages of the interior line, two foreign aid demand in the interior line, very dominant. In the middle of the third section, the Beijing Bucks slowly grasped the rhythm of the court and turned the score back over. But then Mike was trapped in the foul break, Hunan teams interior pressure temporarily eased, Wang Xin seized the opportunity to frequently play high-quality offensive and defensive conversion. With Wang Xins brilliant performance in the second half of the third quarter, Hunan team smoothed the difference and reached the fourth quarter by 75.

Hunan Jinjian rice industry Mayo 45 points 11 rebounds, Deng Yuxin 19 points, Zhao Ye 18 points, Wang Xin 10 points 11 rebounds.

Beijing Bucks Yang 30, Yu Heng 15, Holyfield 14 points 19 rebounds, Wang Yuyao 13 points.

Question: Jiang Junqi didnt fight today. What are your preparations?

Answer: Jiang Junqi didnt play in the last match. Today we also did some research on him. But OJ Mayo was the main target. Today, our players performed well. Although he got 45 points in the end, they did a good job in the first half. On the domestic side, Zhao Yes performance was somewhat unexpected. We didnt defend him well.

123-114 Venus walrus from Putian, Anhui

In the second quarter, the Venus Walrus in Luoyang hit a 7-2 climax with three consecutive waves of attack. The score reached 38-34 on the court. Putian Xingfa in Anhui Province was suspended urgently. Putian Xingfa, Anhui Province, won two consecutive interior rounds. Liang Cheng, a Venus walrus from Luoyang, hit his third three-point shot and then hit the left-wing layup again. Xue Shiwei followed up with the makeup, 48-48, and the Venus walrus from Luoyang equalized the score. Putian Xingfa, Anhui Province, frequently attacked the interior line, while Venus walrus in Luoyang blossomed on the exterior line. Gao Mingyang grabbed three-point shots and finished the half. Putian Xingfa, Anhui Province, led 66-56.

Putian Xingfa, Anhui Province, continued to rely on strong offensive interior scoring. Xue Shiwei, a Venus Walrus from Luoyang, threw the interior line with his teeth for his teeth, 70-60, and the score difference on the field continued to maintain at 10 points. Putian Xingfa Cook of Anhui Province dunked quickly by using opponents service fault, while Liang Chengs three-point hits from the outside of the line made the Venus Walrus in Luoyang scoring a bleeding stop, 83-67, and the score difference on the court gradually widened. After that, Liu Renbin, the center of Putian Xingfa in Anhui Province, left the field six times, but the Venus Walrus in Luoyang still did not gain an advantage in the interior, ending the third quarter with 89-100 lag.

In the final battle, the Venus Walrus in Luoyang started with a 3-point mark to rewrite the score to single digits. Putian Xingfa in Anhui also threw three points in the counter-attack with color, 110-99. Liang Cheng and Breton hit three points respectively, Gao Mingyang broke through the baseline collusion, Putian, Anhui Hicks Xingfa and Luoyang Venus Walrus Breton opened the outside line of each other. In the last two and a half, Putian Xingfa of Anhui adopted the strategy of pressure rhythm, while Venus walrus of Luoyang rushed to shoot three consecutive points. With Hicks successful lay-up, the game ended, 123-114, Luoyang Venus walrus was defeated by Putian, Anhui, thriving, and once again passed the first victory.

Luoyang Venus Walrus Breyron 38 points, Gao Mingyang 25 points, Liang Cheng 24 points, Zhang Yaosheng 14 points, Xue Shiwei 11 points 14 rebounds.

Luoyang Venus Walrus Coach Li Jianxin: Today our players played very well, played our style, go back and sum up. Luoyang Venus Walrus Player: We played well today. We carried out the coachs tactics and played selflessly and unitedly.

Hicks, Putian Xingfa Player, Anhui Province: Today we started well, and then the defense was too loose, giving the players too many chances. Hopefully our next game will start with defense.

At the beginning of the first quarter, the two sides changed their attacking and defending positively. Hebei Xianglan made a specific arrangement, using the weakness of the opponents Fuentes to change defense in time after blocking and disassembling, strengthening the outside line projection and hitting three consecutive points. Subsequently, Wuhan contemporary frequent mistakes, Hebei Xianglan seized the opportunity to continue to expand the leading edge. In the first quarter of the competition, Hebei Xianglan took the lead temporarily by 33-28 relying on the hot feeling of the outside line.

In the second section, the efficiency of attack success rate of Hebei Xianglan declined. The Xianglan player Yang Dapeng kept stealing, but he felt bad and repeatedly missed scoring opportunities. Wuhan contemporary is gradually taking the initiative in the field, frequently playing high-quality counter-attacks, the score will be overtaken. In the second half of this section, Hebei Xianglan Haiyes made a breakthrough. Brandon and Maweilongs precise shooting from the outside helped the team stabilize the situation. Hebei Xianglan ended the first half with a 59-55 lead.

Yi Bian fought again, and Dong Mengchao of Xianglan, Hebei Province, felt hot. He hit four points and one snatch dunk in a row, which pushed the competition atmosphere to a climax. Wuhan contemporary constantly rushed into the other sides internal line to kill, using the advantage of the internal line to bite the score. At the end of the third quarter, with eight three-point hits in a single quarter, Xianglan of Hebei led 91-86.

Overtime, Wuhan Contemporary continues to beat its opponents in the interior, frequently hitting the Xianglan interior, causing damage, and gaining the lead in the score. But Hebei Xianglan relied on foreign aid Hayes to shoot successively, always biting the score. In 18.9 seconds before the end, Hayes equalized the score by shooting a difficult three-point against the defense, and both sides entered the second overtime match.

From the second overtime, with the decline of physical fitness, the hit rate of Hebei Xianglan declined, while Wuhan Contemporary attacked frequently under the leadership of foreign aid Green, and the game gradually lost suspense. Eventually, after a double-overtime battle, Xianglan, Hebei Province, suffered a contemporary reversal in Wuhan from 138 to 145.

Hebei Xianglanhaiyes 44 points 9 assists, Robinson 36 points 12 rebounds, Dong Mengchao 24 points, Maweilong 12 points, HeChongren 10 points.

Wuhan contemporary German Green 50 points 24 rebounds, Fuentes 32 points 15 rebounds, Zhang Yong 28 points 10 rebounds, Wang Xiaoming 18 points.

Hebei Xianglan Coach Liang Da: Today, we are fighting very well from top to bottom, and we have played out our own style and style. At the last critical moment, the suspension is not ideal, the physical energy consumption is too high, and the inner line lethality is still not reached. But the team worked hard, so it was a pity to lose.

Question: How will rebound and defense develop in the future? What do you think of todays off-court caddie hand-in-hand activities?

Answer: The publicity of basketball is very good, and it promotes the development of clubs and Hebei basketball. Return defense has been shouting, has been stressed, but the turn is still a bit slow, foreign aid has been unable to defend. We have been working on this problem. We cant rely solely on foreign aid, but on domestic players and the defense of the other side.

Question: Why did Gu Chen-xu not appear?

Answer: His condition is unstable and his height will decrease because of the presence of small foreign aid.

Wuhan Contemporary Players: We have always wanted to find our own way and style of competition in the game, and resolutely implement the layout of the coach.

Chongqing Huaxi International 116-110 Henan Credit Shop Old Wine

This competition is hosted by Chongqing Huaxi International Town against Henan Credit Shop Old Wine. In the first quarter of the game, after the opening of the two teams are mainly trial, attack success rate is not very high. After a short adjustment, you and I come and go, and score each other. With more tacit teamwork, Henan Credit Shop wines took the lead in the first season by 32-27.

Chongqing Huaxi International Zaizev 30 14 rebounds, Brown 27 points 19 rebounds 10 assists, Guo Yaoyang 17 points, Yu Xiang 15 points, Gao Yuxiang 13 points, Wang Yang 11 points.

Henan Credit store old wine about 40 points 8 assists, Harris 26 points 18 rebounds, Cui Xiaolong 16 points, Jia Hao 10 points.

[Post-match Voice

Chongqing Huaxi International Coach Zhang Tao: Thank NBL Alliance, we won today, and will get better and better. Thank you fans for your support, come on!

Answer: Lets work hard one by one to fight for what we want to fight every time, and to fight for all the fans in Chongqing.

At the beginning of the match, Guizhou Guwutang Tea patiently conducted the ball, starting from the inside line, big foreign aid Ottoler gained the upper hand in the contest with the center of the opponent, and frequently made achievements under the basket. Hefei originally adjusted its hand feeling in time when the interior line was at a disadvantage, relying more on the exterior line to fire guns. Both sides were equally matched and drew in the first quarter.

In the second half, Guizhou Guwutang Tea insisted on the requirement of both sides of attack and defense in the first half. Ottoler kept his hand out of the sky on the interior line and frequently put on his cap, making Guizhous three-second zone a no-fly zone for his opponents. The original team can only use the outside line projection to score points, lacking the continuity of attack. Then Smith, a small foreign aid of Guizhou Team, took over the attack, and Guizhou Team had the opportunity to further expand its leading edge. Guizhou Guwutang Tea has led its rivals by 12 points after the three-quarter war.

At the end of the season, the leading Guizhou team played steadily and steadily. Zhang Bo and Yan Mingfang joined hands to increase the teams score. Hefei original still cant open the situation of interior line, rebound is not guaranteed, let the winning balance to the opponent. At the end of the game, Guizhou Guwutang Tea defeated Hefeis original creation 122-110 at home.

Guizhou Guwutang Tea Smith 36 points, Ottoler 32 points, Yao Guangguo 16 points 10 rebounds, Sun Rongxiao 15 points.

Hefei original Tucker 35 points 10 assists, Tian Yuheng 16 points, He Junjian 15 points, Campbell 14 points 10 rebounds, Liu Zanqin 14 points.

[Post-match Voice

Yang Zhihao, the original coach of Hefei: We are doing well on the whole today, controlling our mistakes well and hitting a high percentage of three-point shots, but we are severely restricted by our opponents on rebounds and suffer losses on the inside line. We will continue to work hard in the following matches.

Zhang Guodong, Coach of Guwutang Tea in Guizhou Province: Both teams play very hard. We protect rebounds very well. This is the key to victory tonight. Then the game went on.