Chinas aircraft carrier has been successfully powered by its own power in its trial voyage.

 Chinas aircraft carrier has been successfully powered by its own power in its trial voyage.

Global network military comprehensive report, according to Xinhua News Agency 18 reported, after 5 days of continuous struggle, Chinas second aircraft carrier completed the first maritime test task, the 18 noon returned to the Dalian shipyard dock. The test started on the 13 day, and a number of equipment were further tested to achieve the desired goal.

From the scene photos, the homemade aircraft carrier returned from the sea trial with guided ships around them. Military expert Song Zhongping told reporters on the global times 18 that the purpose of doing this is to do a good job of vigilance and the two is to guide the aircraft carrier into the port. He said that the aircraft carrier was towed out by sea tug because its power system had not yet worked properly before it was launched. The photos showed that the aircraft carrier returned from the sea trial, mainly relying on their own power to enter the port, and other ships to assist in the port. This means that the power system test was successful.

Li Jie, an aircraft carrier expert, told the global times that the main purpose of the first sea trial was to test the power system, which is commonly used to test boilers and propellers. These two can ensure that the carrier is moved. In general, the aircraft carrier should sail three days and three nights at sea at high speed, so that all the boilers will run, in order to test the reliability and stability of the power system, and to ensure the future operational needs. The test of propulsion system is mainly about the tightness of propeller and bearing.

So what will be the focus of the next sea trial? Li Jie told the Global Times reporter that this should be decided according to the specific circumstances. Every sea trial has a key point. In general, after moving, it can be heard and seen. Therefore, the next course should be communication, navigation, electrical and mechanical systems.

After the sea trial comes back, the question of whether to enter the dock is large or small. After the initial sea trial, the boiler, steam turbine and the whole power system need to be tested. Li Jie believes that the success rate of observing the first sea trial of the aircraft carrier is high. One sign is how long the interval between the first sea trial and the second sea trial is.