Japanese Redeye Drug Banned by Other Countries: Pressure on Cardiovascular

 Japanese Redeye Drug Banned by Other Countries: Pressure on Cardiovascular

Japanese net red eye drops are banned in Canada and are still on sale in China

Liu Yanru, a tour guide, often takes a group to Japan. She tells reporters that many eye drops, including Shengtian FX and PC, are really popular with Chinese tourists.

Liu Yanru, tour guide: FX silver eye drops are very popular, which are bought by many people.

Due to the widespread visual fatigue symptoms and the oral transmission of product effects among urban workers, these eyedrops have gradually been labeled as net red products. Mr. Lu often goes to Japan because of his working relationship. He told reporters that he started using this eyedrops very early and was often dragged by his friends. He bought some inexpensive Japanese eyedrops on his behalf.

Mr. Lu: I started with the silver grey one. But his coolness was not as high as the golden one, so I chose to use the golden one later. It feels good to use. Sometimes when the eyes are sore and swollen, dropping is really the effect of relieving visual fatigue.

However, the reporter noticed that in the announcement made by Canadian authorities in April this year, a number of online red-eye drops, including Skyscraper FX and PC, were required to be removed from their shelves and prohibited from being sold online. The gold package of FX eye drops mentioned by Mr. Lu is also prohibited.

Reporters in Taobao and other e-commerce outlets search for Japanese eyedrops, the above-mentioned eyedrops are sold, and many stores of FX eyedrops monthly sales have exceeded 10,000, in the product introduction marked the indications of eye fatigue, congestion and dryness, red blood, refreshing eyes, cool eye care and other effects were placed in the most eye-catching position. Some stores also label tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride in the main ingredients. Taobao customer service told reporters that the ban on foreign sales will not affect the domestic sales of products.

Customer Service: If you see in our shop links to goods can be ordered, it means that goods can be normally purchased here.

Mr. Lu said that, because the use of the effect can be, and did not have a detailed study of its composition, but to see the online questioning of the eyedrops, he decided to temporarily suspend:

Mr. Lu: I just want to stop for the time being and wait until a final official appraisal results come out to see if we can continue to use the brand.

Experts said that tetrahydrozoline contains risks and should be cautious

What are the main ingredients in several Japanese reticulum red eye drops? Lin Siyong, president of Tianjin Aier Ophthalmological Hospital, told reporters that the tetrahydrozoline mentioned in the product ingredients is actually a vasoconstrictor, which belongs to adrenaline drugs. After use, the effect of removing red blood silk is obvious, but this reddening is only temporary and easy to repeat.

Lin Siyong: The main components that produce the functions of removing red blood silk, mainly tetrahydrozoline, have certain biological activities. In fact, they are a receptor of adrenaline and a contractile agent. What is their function? The main manifestation is that it can make blood vessels shrink quickly. It is very powerful. It can make blood vessels shrink quickly. For example, people with red eyes may feel their eyes turn red quickly. Especially for some allergic patients, sometimes supplemented with some drugs, can really make the blood silk quickly fade away. But the problem is relatively many, there will be a clear sign of a rebound.

Some online stores give lists of ingredients, but do not mention the possible harm caused by the relevant ingredients.

Lin Siyong also introduced that tetrahydrozoline and other components can also cause some pressure on the cardiovascular system, especially in some elderly people with cardiovascular system hidden dangers after long-term use of these eye drops aquatic products, may have strong side effects.

Because after the eyedrops are ordered, on the one hand, they can be absorbed through the conjunctiva, that is, the white eyeball. After absorption, they will still enter the blood circulation system. Once in circulation, the drug stimulates the contraction of blood vessels throughout the body, which has this effect. Especially for the elderly, once it has contraction of blood vessels, there will be some changes in blood pressure. There will be a high blood pressure, even the contraction of the hearts blood vessels, resulting in some heart rate acceleration, or even myocardial ischemia. This risk is still very big in the long run.

A large number of recommenders for an e-commerce platform

Several ophthalmologists said that it was difficult to supervise the ingredients of the products because many kinds of reticular eye drops were not in the prescription drug sequence. Lin Siyong introduced that eye drops can be used as adjuvant drugs for many eye diseases in clinic, but most of the over-the-counter eye drops on the market contain preservatives. Considering the usage and dosage, consumers are advised to be cautious and use them after choosing appropriate indications. ?

Lin Siyong: We can also see in clinic, often (someone) take a large package of so-called Japanese eyedrops to see if we can use it. In fact, the idea that these eyedrops can cure all kinds of diseases is totally wrong. With bad words, not symptomatic Zhang Guan Li Dai, is not a good choice of indications, it is very harmful. Its not that its absolutely impossible, but its important to choose the right indication.

Source: Voice of China Responsible Editor: Gu Yunting_NBJS8499