Wife care? Prince Harry avoided it on the first day of Trumps visit to Britain

 Wife care? Prince Harry avoided it on the first day of Trumps visit to Britain

According to the Sun, the reason why Prince Harry avoided Trump was that he was very keen to protect his wife. In the 2016 US election, Prince Harrys wife Megan supported Trumps rival Hillary Clinton and said she would move to Canada if Trump won.

Before his visit to Britain, Trump received an exclusive interview from The Sun. After learning about Megans previous comments, Trump said he didnt know shes disgusting, but she should be a very good princess.

Harry attended a private luncheon with the Trumps, but during a visit to the Queens private collection, Harry did not pose with anyone. He entered the room with Trumps eldest daughter, Ivanka, but when Elizabeth II took Trump on a tour, Harry left Ivanka to talk to the Minister of Palace.

A bystander said: Harry was the third member of the royal family besides the Queen and his father (Charles), but he did not seem to perform any of the duties of the royal family members.

Ingrid Sued, a royal commentator, was blunt in saying that Harry was impolite and rude. Harry does look irritable. He doesnt seem to want to go there. Whatever his personal feelings are, he has a responsibility to support the Queen. He should learn from his grandmother, who never let her personal feelings affect her duties.

Harrys wife, 37-year-old Duchess of Sussex Megan, avoided an embarrassment because she was on maternity leave and did not attend the days event. It is reported that Harry rushed to his private gym immediately after his official duties that day, where he exercised for an hour and a half.

On the evening of the 3rd, the Queen hosted a state banquet at Buckingham Palace for Trump. Prince Charles and his wife, Prince William and Princess Kate attended the banquet, but Harry did not attend.

Reported that Harrys name was added to the list of state visits, which also caused various speculations. Did he participate because of pressure, or did his team think it was not good for him to be absent from the whole visit?

Source: Responsible Editor of China Daily: Liu Yuxin_NBJS7825