Foreign students claim to have sued British universities for Mickey Mouse Degree and received a compensation of 60,000.

 Foreign students claim to have sued British universities for Mickey Mouse Degree and received a compensation of 60,000.

In March last year, Pok Wong, a 29-year-old Hong Kong international student, sued Anglia Ruskin University in Britain, claiming to have taken a Mickey Mouse degree (a school offering a profession deemed worthless or insignificant).

Huang Bo accused the school of fraud and misleading in its enrollment brochure and demanded compensation for its two-year tuition and living expenses totalling 60,000 (about 520,000 yuan). She tried to protest at her graduation ceremony, but was illegally detained by security guards.

The Guardian reported on June 2 that Hong Kong student Huang Bo settled out of court with the University and received a settlement of 61,000 pounds. But Huang Bo said he was not happy. The money was not enough to meet his own costs, tuition fees and the time to fight a protracted war.

She said she spent more than 61,000, not for money, and hoped others would follow suit. The school said that although it paid the compensation, it could not prove that it was wrong.

When Huang Bo graduated in 2013, he put out the slogan Anglia Ruskin University is rotten

Huang Bo, 30, graduated from Ruskin University in Anglia in 2013 with a first-class degree in International Business Strategy, then sued the school for false advertising, accusing it of claiming to provide high-quality teaching.

Huang Bo said that the University adopted a fraudulent misleading statement, calling the major a high-quality teaching and career prospects in the admissions brochure, and falsely calling its business school a centre of excellence where students would receive good vocational education. But in fact, the College ranked second in four university guides between 2010 and 2011.

Huang Bo warned that Ruskin University in Anglia should be cautious about what it said in its enrollment brochure: its shortage of teachers, the repeated use of teachers in different courses, the tedious lectures and poor interpretation of business rules and concepts.

In an interview with the Guardian, Huang Bo said, I complained to the school, but they did nothing. They said that I was the only student complaining, so it might be my own problem. I have no way to complain, but many students are not happy.

Lord Ashcroft Building, Ruskin University, Anglia (source: Guardian)

She attacked the school, saying that the school is concerned about its own business interests, not the interests of students. Their focus is on how to collect as many students as possible, never considering their own resources.

Huang Bo introduced that some universities in Britain are not educational institutions at all, but operate like enterprises. She revealed that Ruskin University in Anglia offered her a higher sum of money, demanding a private out-of-court settlement and a confidentiality agreement. However, the school claimed that Huang Bo had offered to sign a confidentiality agreement for higher compensation, which was rejected by the school.

Anglia Ruskin University eventually settled with Huang Bo out of court, compensating 15,000 and 46,000 for litigation costs totalling 61,000 (about 532,000). Huang added, I want to encourage others to follow suit. Its not for 61,000 - if you look at me from the beginning, youll find that I spent more money and time on it.

Huang Bo is currently a lawyer assistant in Hong Kong. She claims to work part-time and support from her family, providing funds for her struggle. Huang Bo says she has prepared a lot of court documents. Despite the payment of compensation, Anglia Ruskin University insisted that the case did not prove the University was at fault.

Wikipedia data show that Anglia Ruskin University ranks low in the UK. The Times ranked 122 out of 131 universities in the UK in 2019. The Guardian ranked 103 out of 121 universities in 2019.

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