Post-90s nurses kneel on the roadside to save people: the wounded face is bloody, I dare not go on who dares

 Post-90s nurses kneel on the roadside to save people: the wounded face is bloody, I dare not go on who dares

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The casualty is in danger. Who dares not go up to me! Post-90s nurses kneel on the roadside to save people (source:)

Recently, Ziniu journalist received a call from Mr. Ji Dongsheng, a citizen of Taixing City, Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province, asking this newspaper to help him find the female nurse who rescued his nephew late in the night on the 18th. Our family should say thank you to her face to face. It wasnt she who helped. My nephews life might be gone. The nurse saved two families.

Originally, at 10 pm on the 18th, when Ding Yingxin, Mr. Jis nephew, was driving an electric car when he was rear-ended by a car driver, Ding Yingxin turned 360 degrees in the air and landed on the ground, bleeding in seven holes. Seeing her face facing the sky on her back, a passer-by nurse came forward in time, adjusted her body to the side position, kneeling and holding her head with her hands until the ambulance arrived in order to prevent her bleeding and backflow from blocking the trachea and causing asphyxia. Meanwhile, in order to prevent Ding Yingxin from coma and disturbance, the female nurse kept beating her arm and talking to her.

On the morning of the 23rd, Ziniu journalist found Cai Cuiping, who worked in the Third Hospital of Taixing City, the female nurse who rescued Ding Yingxin that night. At that time, I didnt think much about it. I thought I knew a little about medical care. If I didnt reach out, the patient would eventually have an accident, and I would blame myself for a lifetime. Cai Cuiping told Ziniu News that after the wounded were admitted to the hospital, she was very concerned about his condition. She once wanted to go to the hospital to see him, but she was a little worried that her family would blame her if the wounded happened unexpectedly. But think about it afterwards, she has a clear conscience: I did not save him at that time, who dares to do it. When it comes time to do it, she should do it, and look back on the whole process of first aid, her treatment is not inappropriate.

Drunken Cat Crashes into Electric Vehicle

The owners 360-degree overturn and heavy fall on the road

At 9:57 p.m. on the 18th, the accident happened in front of the Fuluhua Decorative City Gate on Ping Road, Taixing River. After the accident handling center of Taixing traffic police brigade received the alarm, Meng Yunwen, a police officer, quickly led assistant police officer and peoples mediator Xiao Weimin to the scene. According to the video provided by the traffic police, when Meng Yunwen and Xiao Weimin arrived at the scene of the accident, many people had gathered. A modern car was parked on the west side of the road. A man with a bloody face lay in the middle of the road. There was a lot of blood on the ground. A young woman in red dress knelt beside the injured man.

Xiao Weimin and Ziniu reporters recalled that the young woman and the injured did not know each other, but a nurse passing by. Xiao Weimin clearly remembers that while waiting for the ambulance to arrive, the female nurse knelt on the ground and held the head of the injured person with her hand. After the injured person was awake, she tried to raise her head and move. The female nurses patiently advised him not to move, and repeatedly claimed that she was a nurse and told the other side that the ambulance doctor was coming soon. The nurses knelt for about ten minutes until the ambulance arrived.

Monitoring showed that nurses were giving first aid to the injured.

Xiao Weimin told Ziniu News: If it werent for the female nurses to give first aid to the wounded and keep him in a proper position to prevent the bleeding from backflow and blocking the trachea, the wounded would probably die. After measurement, the area of blood stains on the spot was 60 centimeters by 40 centimeters. The wounded were in dangerous condition at that time.

Through on-site monitoring, the police found that before the accident, the driver of the accident drove the car in the same direction as the electric vehicle, hit the electric vehicle violently, and the electric vehicle scratched the ground several dozen meters away. The driver of the electric vehicle flipped 360 degrees and fell heavily on the road. Because of the face landing, electric vehicle drivers face eyes, mouth, nostrils, ears and other bleeding, the situation is very frightening. While contacting 120 ambulances, traffic police control the car driver Kang Mou. According to the alcohol breath test, the blood alcohol content of Kangmou was 198.9 mg/100ml at that time, which was suspected of drunk driving.

First aid spot

The car owner vomited her blood badly

She knelt and held his head in her hands.

Purple cow journalists inquired and learned that the rescue woman nurse named Cai Cuiping was a mother of a 1-year-old child. Now she is working in Taixing Third Peoples Hospital. At that time, I didnt think much about it. I just thought that this person could not have an accident. There were adults (elders) and children in his family. Ive just become a mother, so children cant live without their parents. Cai Cuiping was interviewed by Ziniu News reporter at the Changyu Crab Yellow Soup Baodian run by her husband Liu Tao on the morning of 23rd.

Recalling what happened that night, the 90-year-old nurse was very excited and said that there were tears in her eyes. She told Ziniu News that the accident happened not far from Changyu Crab Yellow Soup Baodian. Around ten oclock that evening, she and her husband were preparing to go home together. They saw a wounded person fall in the middle of the road, and no one dared to come forward. Having never met such a thing, she was frightened at first, but still had the courage to go forward. At that time, there was a lot of blood on the ground, and the seven orifices of the wounded face were still bleeding.

Nurses are helping the wounded.

The victim was in a brief coma with his face facing up. The wounded cant do this. We should let the blood flow out smoothly. If it flows back into the esophagus and trachea, blockage of trachea by blood clots will lead to asphyxia. Make sure his bleeding passage is clear. Knowing first aid knowledge, she immediately bent down and examined her neck with her right hand to confirm whether the cervical spine was fractured or not. After confirming that there was no fracture, she immediately adjusted the injured persons body to a lateral decubitus position and held her head with her right hand so as to keep the head and body level.

At this time, the wounded persons mouth suddenly ejected a large mouthful of blood, she was splashed hands. Afraid and anxious, she felt her hands trembling and could not hold the head of the injured person at all. She knelt on the ground, supported by her right knee, and then held the head of the injured person with her hand.

The nurse knelt to hold the wounded mans head

Soon, the traffic police arrived at the scene and asked who she was injured. She was nervous and did not know how to answer. Or did her husband tell the police that she was a nurse. To prevent the victim from deep coma, she tapped his arm and asked him what his name was and whether he had a family call.

Before long, the wounded seemed to be sober, trying to raise her head and move her body. She was very anxious and told him loudly, Im a nurse. You cant move around. The doctor will come to help you right away. Seeing that her strength alone was not enough to control the wounded, she also asked the police to help her hold the wounded together. With the persuasion and help of the police, the wounded finally stopped. Ziniu News reporter through the police law enforcement recorder video found that in this process, in order to persuade the injured not to move, Cai Cuiping also kept the injured obedient. Shortly after, 120 ambulances arrived at the scene, Cai Cuiping got up and left.

The wounded have been brought to safety

Family members are hindered in their search for beneficiaries

At noon on the 23rd, a reporter from Ziniu met the accident victim Ding Yingxin in the brain surgery ward of Taixing Peoples Hospital. He saw only a few scars on his face. Although he was in a bad mental state, he was out of danger. Huang Yan, his wife, told Ziniu News that she called her husband at more than 10 p.m. that night. Who knows it was the police who answered the phone, and the police let her rush to the hospital quickly. When she arrived at the hospital, her husband had entered the operating room and then transferred to the intensive care unit. His uncle Ji Dongsheng also came in the first time. On the 21st, Ding Yingxin, who was stable, was transferred from the intensive care unit to the general ward.

Ding Yingxin lying in the hospital bed

Ji Dongsheng said his family did not know about the rescue of female nurses until they arrived at the traffic police brigade. After introducing the accident-related information, the traffic policemen especially told them that they should thank a female nurse who saved people at all costs. Not this female nurse, Ding Yingxins consequences are unimaginable. When the traffic police were questioning at the scene, they took down the telephone number of Liu Tao, the husband of Cai Cuiping, the witness, and gave it to Ji Dongsheng. It was this kind man who saved Ding Yingxin and two families, including the driver who caused the accident. After discussing with Huang Yan, Ji Dongsheng decided to find the kind nurse through his husband, so that he could say thank you in person.

However, Ji Dongsheng was surprised by the results. The telephone was connected. Liu Tao inquired about Ding Yingxins condition after asking about Ji Dongshengs identity. When Ji Dongsheng expressed his gratitude, Liu Tao said he didnt need it and hung up the phone. Ji Dongsheng, who had nothing to do with it, thought of asking for help from this newspaper.

Female nurses felt terrified for a time after they rescued people.

But always feel conscience-free

On the morning of the 23rd, Cai Cuiping told Ziniu News that, to tell the truth, her husband was reluctant to see the family members of the injured because of scruples. Take her for example, after rescuing the wounded, she is very concerned about the development of the condition of the wounded. She wants to know whether the situation of the other side is getting better or worse. Because she is afraid that if the situation changes, the family members of the wounded will blame her, so she has been afraid to go to the hospital to inquire and visit. Now she is gratified to learn that the wounded have transferred to the ordinary ward. But she also made some preparations: 10,000 families are looking for her, she also has a clear conscience, because she was sorted out afterwards, that night, she did not have any inappropriate emergency measures for the wounded.

Ziniu journalist asked Cai Cuiping, since she and her husband had these worries afterwards, then how dared they come forward to save people?

Cai Cuiping told reporters: Because I was a nurse, I did not save him at that time, who dared? Although there are some worries afterwards, if I encounter such a thing again in the future, it will still come forward.

Nurse Cai Cuiping

Cai Cuiping told Ziniu News that she graduated from Zhenjiang Medical School in 2016, majoring in nursing. After graduation, she worked in Taixing Second Peoples Hospital. Last year, she gave birth and was transferred to Taixing Third Peoples Hospital for the convenience of taking care of her children. Whether in school, internship, or into the workplace, she is familiar with the first aid methods for traumatic patients. So when someone was found to have had an accident that night, they rushed up. She feels that she will feel guilty and blame herself for life if she knows first aid skills but does not save people.

Cai Cuiping described the scene

We visited Huang Yan and Ji Dongsheng of Cai Cuiping together with Ziniu journalists. We paid 1000 yuan to express our gratitude to Cai Cuiping and Liu Tao, who refused to accept them anyway.

Ziniu News reporter learned before the release that the blood test results of the driver Kang Mou have not yet come out, and the accident is still under further treatment.

Source: Ziniu News Responsible Editor: Xiao Qi_NN6799