Henan produces a car engine that can run only with water? Expert: Gimmick

 Henan produces a car engine that can run only with water? Expert: Gimmick

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Nanyang builds a car engine that can run only with water? Expert: Its a gimmick (Source:)

On May 22, the official website of Nanyang Daily published the news Hydrogen Engine is offline in Nanyang, the Secretary of the Municipal Committee commends it! The first paragraph says, This means that the water on the vehicle can produce hydrogen in real time, and the vehicle can run only with water.

After the article was disseminated on the Internet, many netizens questioned, Thai has read a lot and why not apply for the Nobel Prize for such a great invention. More netizens questioned is this a perpetual motion machine?

Cover journalists dialed the companys published telephone number according to the business registration information, but it was shown as an empty number. Up to the time of submission, the voice of online queries continued, and the relevant companies have not yet responded to this.

From this report of Nanyang Daily, the cover journalist noticed that the company that manufactured the hydrogen engine was called Youth Automobile Group.

According to several netizens, the so-called water hydrogen engine manufactured by Youth Automobile Group has been questioned.

According to China Bus Network, on August 21, 2017, the birth ceremony of the worlds first hydrogen-fueled vehicle was held at the headquarters of Youth Automobile Group.

On the same day, Zhejiang online reporters also released relevant reports. Is this article entitled Pang Youths Hydrogen Fuel Vehicle anotherWater to Oilproject? u300b The report pointed out that Chen Jinyi, a Zhejiang businessman, collapsed because of the water to oil project in that year, and now there are Zhejiang businessmen who want to build cars that can be driven with water. As soon as the news came out, it was questioned by many people.

According to the report of Southern News Network in January 2018 entitled Can you run 1000 kilometers with water and cheat young peoples hydrogen fuel vehicles?, in February 2017, the website of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology published the administrative penalties for seven automobile companies, among which youth automobile is one of them.

The bankruptcy liquidation case of Xiaoshan Court on June 9, 2017 included three affiliated enterprises of Youth Automobile Group: Zhejiang Youth Lotus, Zhejiang Youth Lotus Engine Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou Yaman Engine Co., Ltd.

Whats going on with the hydrogen engine?

In an interview with cover journalists, Guan Bin, an associate professor at the Institute of Internal Combustion Engines, School of Mechanical and Power Engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University, said, Thats not possible. Its false.

Professor Guan Bin said that the so-called hydrogen engine is what we often call hydrogen fuel cell, which is just a gimmick. Hydrogen fuel cell is powered by hydrogen, not by adding water. It also involves a series of complex physical and chemical reactions. At present, this technology has been well applied in Japan, but has not yet entered the practical stage in China.

Reporters inquire online information found that hydrogen fuel cells are hydrogen and oxygen chemical energy directly converted into electricity generation devices. Its basic principle is the inverse reaction of electrolytic water. The hydrogen fuel used in fuel cells can come from hydrogen produced by the electrolysis of water and any hydrocarbons, such as natural gas, methanol, ethanol (alcohol) and biogas. The cost of hydrogen fuel cells is 100 times that of ordinary gasoline engines.

Nanyang Daily of Henan Province: Water-hydrogen engine off-line vehicles can run with water only

Hydrogen engine is officially offline in our city, which means that the on-board water can produce hydrogen in real time. Vehicles only need to add water to drive. On the morning of May 22, when Zhang Wenshen, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, went to work on the site of the hydrogen energy automobile project, he praised the latest achievements of the hydrogen energy automobile project.