Under the short video tuyere, there really is no chance for the content of pictures and texts?

 Under the short video tuyere, there really is no chance for the content of pictures and texts?

Content entrepreneurship has entered the second half of the overtime competition, at this moment there are two forks in front of practitioners - short video / video or graphical audio.

In recent years, with the popularization of 4G technology, short video content has experienced an explosive growth, industry penetration once reached 65.4%. In the first half of 2018, the number of mobile video users reached 525 million, and the average daily use of short video APP increased to nearly 60 minutes. In the wake of the short video storm, practitioners have adjusted the track, and discarded graphic and audio content into a short video, trying to step on the new draught and make the next flying pig.

But the conclusion must not be too hasty. According to Quest Mobiles recent spring report of China Mobile Internet 2019, the short video industry has begun to grow weakly and the industry dividend period has passed after breaking through the 800 million mark at a rapid pace. At the same time, according to the data disclosed in todays headlines, the average playback time of each short video is 1.62 minutes, and the average reading time of each graphic audio is 1.16 minutes. There is still a big market for usersdemand for graphic content.

At this time, part of the content practitioners buttocks sink, find that things are not simple. Compared with graphics and audio content, the current short video content is growing rapidly, but its limitations are also obvious: technology and production threshold are higher, traffic is easier to be centralized and monopolized by header accounts than graphics and audio content. In addition, short video content usually needs to be distributed across the platform, and traffic is difficult to centralize. For example, in the Wechat public number with the most concentrated traffic in the whole network, the traffic brought by short video is only about 20%.

The lumbar content battles fiercely, the traffic is difficult to concentrate and thus affect the realization, these two dilemmas make many short video practitioners feel headache. Faced with this situation, many people have to re-examine the value of graphic and audio content. Todays graphic and audio market is facing the impact of short video content, but as a mature way of content output, as the carrier of quality content is king, it has cultivated a huge market and a group of fixed audiences.

At this time, instead of rushing into the field of short video, which I am not good at, it is also a road worth exploring to persist in intensive cultivation in the field of graphics and audio. Of course, as mentioned above, the field of graphics and audio is a mature 2.0 era, which requires more stringent quality and ideas. Therefore, for practitioners in this field, how to continue to strengthen their competitiveness and break through in the new competitive environment has become an important issue to be faced.

First, in the era of scarce attention, the creation of pictures and texts urgently needs a unique orientation.

Nowadays, in the first and second tier cities, life and work have never stimulated peoples nerves as fast as they are now, and time has been broken into pieces. Pressure from various aspects of society makes users distracted and difficult to sustain. Young people, in particular, are less proactive in reading and more willing to accept fresh and easy-to-read information. From the perspective of news information, users still have a strong demand for the latest news information, but at the same time they hope to relax through relaxed and pleasant content. On the other hand, due to the limitations of reading scenes, the channels for such people to obtain information are gradually solidified. For example, in driving scenarios, audio is often the most effective way to get content; in many public scenarios, non-interference with the surrounding peoples graphic content is also the preferred form of reading.

This trend also brings new opportunities for the development of graphic and audio content. Taking Netease Newss Easy Moment studio as an example, it is based on this insight that the team has made its own exclusive style of news. They insist on original pictures and audio content, skillfully connect news hotspots with witty comments of netizens and network segments, and interpret social hotspots positively and slightly entertainingly. Thus, it meets the needs of target users to receive news and information, and there is no lack of interesting and thinking. Life is difficult, but if you can relax yourself for a quarter of an hour every day, you can laugh at life. This is the value that the studio has always upheld, and also created the first and most famous original content brand column of Netease News.

User data also proves the success of this insistence. With this content and value orientation, 18,237,000 loyal fans were gathered in the whole network in an easy moment. These users are the three high groups with high education, high activity and high consumption power. Nearly 80% of them were male. At the age level, the 25-35 age group occupies the majority. They care about social hot spots and are willing to interact. They have great interest in humorous, funny and emotional content, and show strong purchasing power in automobile, tourism products, finance and other just-needed consumption.

2. Skillfully taking advantage of multi-platform traffic to assist in all-round exposure coverage

Of course, the success of this IP can not be separated from the support of the platform. High-quality platforms naturally have the advantages of dual inclination of traffic and attention. How to make use of the advantages of platforms to exert strength is also a compulsory course for content practitioners.

First of all, a moment of relaxation exists in Netease News in the form of original content studio. This in-house team not only has professional news background, can quickly respond to hot spots, but also has creative planning ability, which ensures the high quality of original content. After years of polishing, in Netease News Client, Easy Moment has become the first channel in terms of length of stay per capita. Content exposure and clicks rank first in the original column of Netease News Client for many years. Subscriptions to the e-commerce account also amounted to 5.112 million.

At the same time, in order to achieve full platform coverage and impact, it is easy to start the layout of multi-platforms early, and focus on third-party popular platforms that fit in with the tonality. Today, nearly four million subscriptions have been made to instant APP. The Easy Moment Audio Edition has also reached 2.24 million subscriptions in NetEasy Cloud Music, ranking first in the platform talk show section for two consecutive years, ranking third in the Chinese talk show ranked by Apple Podcast for many times, and broadcasting volume of the whole network in a single issue exceeds one million.

3. Editors coming out to build strong IP, and brand marketing will come to fruition.

Finally, we have to go back to content operation. Quality, rich content, efficient and timely updates are standard matching, needless to say. With the addition of marketing ideas, content operation will achieve twice the result with half the effort.

In order to add strong interactive attributes to the content, the Editors under the banner were packaged out in a relaxed moment, creating a series of vivid characters with different orientations, ensuring that the column has a very high degree of recognition. Master Qu, Fat Editor, Dongge... They are all the images that netizens enjoy talking about, and they have won a vote of loyalty for the column. Therefore, the interaction of this column can be regarded as the first in the whole network. UGCs creativity is extremely active, with more than 10,000 single-issue follow-up posts, which has become another major feature of the column.

Quality content, active users and stable high flow naturally create fertile soil for brand marketing. While constantly harvesting olive branches thrown by partners and brand owners, the studio is still based on market demand, quickly identifying the differentiation positioning, extracting a set of light marketing, high precision, heavy fission marketing strategy. Combining creative planning ability with marketing integration ability, relying on the powerful resources of Netease news and third-party platform, including content implantation, Golden Master Name, theme period of brand customization, fancy oral broadcast, brand news customization, brand customization of video scenario, and other marketing methods, we can truly realize the whole network distribution and coverage. For example, Suspicious Moment created by Joint Jianlibao. By creating 12 themes in a relaxed moment, the period plot is brainstorming and thrilling, and successfully realizes another way of opening suspense drama in the form of pictures and texts. After the launch of the whole network, fans began to chase drama upsurge.

Compared with the current hot short video, it is hard to say that the graphic audio market is vast world, great achievements. But no matter what form of presentation, content is always a truth. Therefore, the high quality content barriers built by excellent pictures and texts are still strong. When the new outlet is coming, the real outlet of achievement content practitioners may be the determination not encumbered by the transformation tide, the positioning focusing on user needs, and the persistence of delivering values through high-quality content.

Source: Easy Moment Studio. Internal Media Responsible Editor: Qiao Junjing_NBJ11279