President of Ukraine Airlines: Without China, I would be forced to lay off 10,000 people.

 President of Ukraine Airlines: Without China, I would be forced to lay off 10,000 people.

Vyacheslav Boguslayev, president of Ukrainian aeroengine company Madacic, said in an interview on May 20 that Madacic is gradually developing in-depth technical cooperation with China. In the interview, he also mentioned the obstacles encountered in the process of cooperation: the U.S. State Department has repeatedly exerted pressure on it through the Ukrainian government. If they forbid us to cooperate with China, the first thing I want to do is to lay off 10,000 people, Viaceslav said.

According to the Washington Post on the 20th, Madacic is one of the most advanced military aircraft engine manufacturers in the world. Viaceslav, the companys president, said that new Chinese investors often had small discussions with their employees. Chinese technicians are very interested in the details of the companys data storage planning, production line setup and workshop collaboration.

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Theyll talk to us for three hours, and then the next day a different group of people will come over, Viaceslav said. They will ask the same questions as they did yesterday, and then they will repeat them for a whole week.

Reported that the in-depth cooperation between China and Uzbekistan is based on mutual choice between the two sides. Madacic, known by Chinese media as the Aero-engine Czar, has advanced military engine technology, which is what China needs. For Madacic, reliable customers from China are also very attractive.

At present, China is the companys main customer. Reported that in 2018, Ukraines trade with China reached 9.8 billion US dollars, which is more than twice the volume of Ukraines trade with the United States. By 2020, China is likely to overtake Russia as Ukraines largest trading partner.

In addition, Chinas assistance to Ukraine over the past year has greatly increased the publics preference for China. These include 50 ambulances, 50 search-and-rescue vehicles and $137 million worth of medical equipment.

However, Viaceslav, president of Madacic, said that the US State Department had repeatedly expressed dissatisfaction with the cooperation between China and Ukraine and put pressure on the company through the Ukrainian government.

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In response, Tchaikov, president of the Ukrainian Association of Industry and Trade, said, The question we are most concerned about now is: is the United States ready to buy our products? It is at this stage that China is buying in large quantities.

Viaceslav also said that he was often under pressure from the Ukrainian government. They kept telling him how unhappy the United States was about Madacics cooperation with China, but he usually responded, Then can the State Department work for us?

Source: Viaceslav (source: Washington Post)

Resistance from the United States has not affected the process of cooperation between China and Ukraine. Reported that at present, the company is cooperating with a Chinese company. In 2017, Beijing Tianjiao Aviation Industry Investment Co., Ltd. tried to buy out the controlling right of Maxici, and ultimately bought at least 25% of Maxici for $100 million. According to the agreement, the two companies have jointly built an aircraft engine production and maintenance center in Chongqing, southeastern China, since 2017. At present, the center is under construction and has not yet been put into operation.

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