Russia plans to select doctors and engineers as astronauts

 Russia plans to select doctors and engineers as astronauts

Reference News Network reported on May 23, according to the Russian Satellite News Agency website on May 20, Pavel Vlasov, director of the Russian Astronaut Training Center, said in an interview that Russia had launched a new selection project for astronauts, recruiting doctors, pilots and engineers.

The current regulations for the selection of astronauts put forward that not only astronauts should be selected from pilots according to tradition, but engineers and doctors must also be recruited to join the team, Frasov said.

Russian media said earlier that Sergei Krikalev, executive manager of the manned space program of the Russian National Aerospace Corporation, had said that the new round of selection project of the Russian astronaut team would be announced before summer and would last for two years, with 4 to 6 astronaut candidates expected to be selected.

In February 2019, Russian space sources revealed that the Russian National Space Group had signed an order to organize a new group of astronauts recruitment.

In 2018, Russia completed the selection of astronauts starting in 2017. About 420 people from all over Russia applied to join the astronaut team, but only eight passed the selection. Since then, the Russian National Aerospace Group announced that the selection of new teams will begin in the spring of 2019.

DATA FIGURE: Russian Astronaut Training Center. (Russian Satellite Network)

Source: Responsible Editor of Reference Message Network: Wang Xu_NBJS8023