U.S. deadline for Turkey to stop purchasing S400 or confiscate 100 F-35

 U.S. deadline for Turkey to stop purchasing S400 or confiscate 100 F-35

[Global Times Special Correspondent in Turkey, I. P. Hua, Global Times Special Correspondent Liu Zhi] Will the U. S. sanctions stick be waved to Turkey? Washington gave Ankara an ultimatum that Turkey would face sanctions if it did not abandon the purchase of Russias S-400 air defense missile system within a specified time, NBC reported Monday. In response, Turkeys defense minister said he was ready to greet U.S. sanctions. Another party to the incident, Russia, said on the 22nd that Washingtons approach was unacceptable.

According to sources, the United States has asked Turkey to cancel its multi-billion-dollar deal with Russia by the end of the first week of June, abandon the purchase of S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems and buy the American Patriot missile system instead. If Turkey does not comply with the requirements of the United States, it will not only be kicked out of the R&D team of F-35 stealth fighters, 100 F-35 fighters already ordered by Turkey will be confiscated, while Ankara will also be subject to sanctions from the United States and NATO. When asked whether the deadline would be extended, several sources said it was the final proposal of the State Department. We emphasize that if Turkey completes the entire trading process of the S-400 system, it will face very real and negative consequences. An American official said.

Russian S-400 Air Defense Missile System

Turkey is ready to meet the sanctions imposed by the United States, Turkeys Anadolu News Agency reported, the countrys Defense Minister Akar 22 said that Ankara is determined to complete the S-400 system transaction, Turkey has sent relevant personnel to Russia, they will receive S-400 system operation training in the next few months, Russian military experts may also come to Turkey to help Turkey build the S-400 system.

Akar also stressed that Turkey has sent personnel to the United States to receive F-35 fighter training. He said there was no provision in the relevant agreements with the United States that would exclude countries that purchased the S-400 from the R&D team of fighter planes. In addition, Turkey has fulfilled its obligations, paid $1.2 billion and produced F-35 fighter parts on time. What else can Turkey do as a partner?

Turkish F-35 fighter pilots trained in the United States

This is unacceptable, Russian Press Agency reported on the 22nd, Russian Presidents press secretary Peskov said that Russia held a very negative view of the ultimatum of the United States. Russian newspaper said 22, Russian Federal Council (upper house of parliament) Chairman Matveyenko 22, said that Turkey is a sovereign country, has the right to make decisions in line with their national interests and national security.

In order to obstruct the Russian-Turkish trade, the United States also announced sanctions on Russian factories on the 21st. Russia Today TV reported Tuesday that the United States announced sanctions against Russian entities such as Tula Instrument Manufacturing and Design Bureau and Gatchena Anti-aircraft Missile Force Expert Training Center. These enterprises are related to the production and service of Russian S-300 and S-400 air defense systems.

Combined with reports from NBC and Reuters, Turkey and Russia signed a $2.5 billion agreement in 2017 to buy S-400 air defense missile systems. According to the agreement, Russia will deliver the first S-400 system in July this year, and is expected to deliver it in advance as soon as June. The latest satellite imagery from the US intelligence service shows that Turkey has built an S-400 launcher. Ankaras move has sparked discontent in the United States and other NATO countries. They argue that the S-400 is incompatible with NATO air defense systems, and that the S-400 radar system may know how to locate and track F-35 fighters of the United States and allies, which makes it difficult for the latter to avoid Russian weapons attacks. NBC said that in order to persuade Turkey to abandon the S-400 system, the U.S. State Department asked Turkey twice in 2013 and 2017 to buy the Patriot system, but Ankara refused to do so because Washington refused to provide Turkey with the systems core missile technology. At the end of March this year, in order to persuade Turkey to abandon the S-400, the United States offered the latter the latest Patriot missile offer, but Turkey believes that the new offer is still too high.

Despite Washingtons warning to Ankara, Mr. Akar believes that the two sides are still maintaining normal bilateral relations and there has not been any dramatic change up to now.

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