French mens obsession with games imitating assassins was arrested by police as terrorists

 French mens obsession with games imitating assassins was arrested by police as terrorists

Reference News Network reported on May 23 that French police arrested a man dressed oddly and carrying many dangerous knives, according to a report on the website of Russia Today on May 20. However, the man claimed to be a role-playing fan of a well-known foreign game on the street.

Reported that the man named Thomas G is 27 years old. Before his arrest, he wore an assassin mask, a military backpack, two telescopes, an engineer shovel and a gardening scissors and walked along the streets of Paris. At that time, Paris police were conducting preventive checks on the upcoming protests. The strange-looking man caught the polices attention and was suspected of a possible terrorist attack. When the police arrested him, the man initially tried to escape, but was soon subdued by the police.

Paris police found two knives about 30 centimeters long on the mans arm. He hid the telescopic knife under his arm in a similar way to the knife disguised by the assassin character in the game Assassins Creed. According to local media reports, police also found on him helmet, goggles, gardening scissors and artisan shovels and other equipment.

When the police interrogated the man, he claimed that he was just a fan of the game Assassin Creed and was role-playing the characters in the game when he was arrested. In addition, the man also claimed that he was a loyal fan of the French police.

However, the police who arrested him apparently disagreed with the mans plea. This guy has posed a threat to my colleagues and he may use these knives to hurt others, said a head of the French police.

At present, this enthusiastic role-playing man is still in French police custody. According to French law, those who bring controlled knives into public places without justification will be sentenced to up to one years imprisonment and a fine of 15,000 euros. (Compiler/Vernon)

Paris police seized props.

Source: Responsible Editor of Reference Message Network: Wang Xu_NBJS8023