The three enterprises that make Meida angry have something to do with the street office in Shenzhen.

 The three enterprises that make Meida angry have something to do with the street office in Shenzhen.

According to the Beijing News on the 22nd, the community workstation of Guangdong-Hai Street Science Park said that three enterprises, Zhongxing, Huawei and Xinjiang, which were posted online, had moved out of the area.

But its certainly good to say that all three companies have made their fortunes here. This time, every Xiaobian came to pick up the Nanshan District of Shenzhen where the Guangdong-Hai Street Office is located.

GDP is not dependent on real estate

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Shenzhen Nanshan District is really cattle. According to the data released by the local government, in 2018, the GDP of Nanshan District exceeded 500 billion, reaching 501.8 billion, with a resident population of about 1.42 million, and per capita GDP exceeded 350,000 yuan (over 50,000 US dollars), which is already the level of developed countries.

More importantly, the GDP of Nanshan District does not depend on real estate or heavy industry, but on the secondary and tertiary industries, in which high-tech manufacturing is dominant. Emerging industries have become the main engine of growth, accounting for 64% of GDP, wrote the local governments work report in 2018.

In the Statistical Yearbook of Nanshan District of Shenzhen - 2018, the following statements are made:

Nanshan seizes the opportunity of Ten Action Plans for Shenzhens scientific and technological innovation. Five Nobel scientistslaboratories, two future industrial agglomeration areas, six double-venture demonstration bases, two manufacturing innovation centers and four overseas innovation centers are located in Nanshan.

Shenzhen Advanced Academy of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Tencent were selected as national Shuangchuang demonstration bases, accounting for 2/3 of the city. There were 48 new innovative carriers at the national, provincial and municipal levels, totaling 941, accounting for 60% of the city.

Major projects such as ARM (China) headquarters (UK Chip Company) and Airbus (China) Innovation Center have settled in Nanshan, which are complemented by regional centers, exhibition centers and experience centers of international innovation giants such as Apple, Qualcomm, Microsoft and Google.

Every editor knows that according to the financial data of Tonghuashun I, there are 114 A-share listed companies registered in Nanshan District of Shenzhen (Note: 116 in Haidian District of Beijing and 19 in Pudong New Area of Shanghai), mostly in high-tech industries. Among them, there are 6 medical biology, 18 information devices, 19 information services and 21 electronics. The largest market value was Myry Medical, which landed on the GEM last year, reaching 172 billion yuan (closing on May 22), followed by China Merchants Shekou (170.7 billion yuan, real estate) and ZTE (115 billion yuan).

Regional incubation capacity ranks first

Huawei, ZTE and Dajiang are three world-class enterprises born in Nanshan District of Shenzhen, which can not be separated from the entrepreneurial environment.

In the China Regional Incubation Capacity Evaluation Report 2016 (hereinafter referred to as the Report), Shenzhen Nanshan District ranked first with 87.58 points. Beijing Haidian District ranked second with 84.00 points and Shanghai Pudong New Area 74.78 points.

Photo Source: China Regional Incubation Capacity Evaluation Report 2016

According to the four elements of regional incubation capacity listed in the Report, Nanshan District has obvious advantages in incubation results and incubation enterprise indicators. Incubation achievement index ranked first, reaching 72.00 points, and incubation enterprise index ranked first, reaching 68.77 points.

According to statistics, in 2016, the number of patent authorizations per 10,000 people in Nanshan District reached 24.2447 pieces/10,000, the patent density was much higher than that in Hangzhou Binjiang District (1916 pieces/10,000 people) and Xian Yanta District (109.8 pieces/10,000 people); in terms of the output value of high-tech industries, Nanshan District still ranked first with 415.2 billion yuan, which fully reflected the South. Advantages of enterprise-led innovation model in mountainous areas.

Compared with the difficulty of technology transformation in universities and scientific research institutions, the efficiency of business incubation is much higher. The remarkable characteristics of Shenzhens innovation power are four 90%, that is, 90% of R&D personnel, 90% of R&D institutions, 90% of R&D input and 90% of patent output come from enterprises, which effectively dock R&D, production and market. According to data, in 2015, Nanshan District received 5221 PCT international patent applications, accounting for 21% of the country, and two Chinese patent gold awards, accounting for 10% of the country.

In addition, the registration data of China Securities Association show that more than 75% of venture capital and venture capital in Shenzhen are concentrated in Nanshan.

Average recruitment salary over 10,000 yuan

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With a good business environment and hundreds of listed companies, Nanshan District is more competitive in salary.

Every editor noticed that Nanshan District, as an important hi-tech development town such as Internet and AI, is a trump card to attract talents in Shenzhen. According to the Report on the Trend of Talents in the First Quarter of Nanshan District (hereinafter referred to as the Talents Report) issued by BOSS last year, the demand for talents in Nanshan District increased 32% year-on-year in the first quarter of 2018, accounting for 34% of the total demand for talents in the city, and the average recruitment salary of enterprises reached 11377 yuan.

According to the Talent Report, in the first quarter of 2018, the demand for AI application layer talents represented by image processing, image algorithm and speech recognition increased by more than 150% year on year.

According to the Talent Report, in the first quarter of 2018, the average recruitment salary in Nanshan District was 20% higher than the city average. From the salary distribution point of view, because Nanshan has a large number of listed companies and technology company headquarters, the proportion of high-paid positions is significantly higher than the average of Shenzhen. The average recruitment salary of 20.4% of the posts in Nanshan District is over 15,000 yuan, which is 9.1 percentage points higher than the average of Shenzhen.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Against the Abuse of State Power by the United States

It is worth mentioning that, following the recent heated debate between Huawei and Dajiang, foreign media said on the 22nd that the United States was considering sanctions against Haikangwei from Hangzhou. This news brought Haikangweis share price, which had a market value of more than 200 billion yuan, to a close to a halt on that day.

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According to the official website of the Ministry of foreign affairs, on May 22nd, foreign ministry spokesperson Lu Kang said at a regular press conference.

Recently, we have repeatedly demonstrated Chinas opposition to the abuse of state power by the United States to wilfully discredit and suppress enterprises in other countries, including Chinese enterprises. Chinas attitude is clear and consistent.

For China, we have always asked Chinese enterprises to carry out investment and operation activities in other countries on the basis of abiding by market rules and international rules. At the same time, we have been asking other countries to give Chinese Enterprises Fair and non-discriminatory treatment.

We can reiterate once again that trade and investment relations between countries must be based on mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit.

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