Tingfeng Tse issued a solemn statement denying his participation in the Global Launch Conference of Finance

 Tingfeng Tse issued a solemn statement denying his participation in the Global Launch Conference of Finance


Netease Entertainment reported on May 22 that a promotional picture with the theme GCGASIA Rich Financial Group Global Initiation Conference appeared on the Internet recently. Among the eight portraits used in the pictures, one of them is very similar to Mr. Tse Tingfengs. The name of the portrait is Tse Tingfeng. In response, the official Beijing Weibo, Emperor Entertainment, issued a solemn statement saying that Tingfeng Tse and the GCGASIA Rich Financial Group do not have any cooperative relationship, and the portrait involved is not Tingfeng Tses own portrait. Later, Nicholas Tses agent Howenshi forwarded the microblog and appealed to everyone not to be deceived.

On the evening of May 22, Emperor Entertainment-Beijings official microblog issued a solemn statement saying that the promotional pictures of GCGASIA Global Initiation Conference were not Tse Tingfengs personal portrait. There was no cooperative relationship between the Emperors Company and Tse Tingfeng and GCGASIA Global Initiation Group. The contents of the pictures were not related to the Emperors Company and Mr Tse Tingfeng. This act is suspected of infringing on the legitimate rights and interests of the Emperors Company and Tingfeng Tse, and the rights of the photo producers involved will be investigated through legal channels. And calls for joint resistance to low-level shanzhai behavior, and jointly safeguard integrity and health of the Internet environment.

In addition, for the recent incidents of infringing on Tse Tingfengs personality by means of piracy, synthetic pictures and imitation of artistsportraits, the perpetrators of the incidents intentionally mislead the public in an attempt to achieve improper commercial purposes, the British Emperor Company and Tse Tingfeng hereby severely condemn and warn the relevant responsible parties, and entrust lawyers to collect evidence and pursue the relevant responsible parties through legal channels. Legal liability. Later, Tse Tingfengs agent Ho Wenxi forwarded the statement and said, Strict statement, everyone should not be deceived!

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Chen Shaojie_b6952