Mulan Gong Lixuan, a competent villain, trained for two months.

 Mulan Gong Lixuan, a competent villain, trained for two months.

Netease Entertainment reported on May 21 that according to Taiwanese media reports, Disneys Hua Mulan live-action movie brought in actress Liu Yifei, martial arts star Li Lianjie, and movie queen Gong Li, and gathered many Asian Cafe stars. The audiences expectations burst. Now the film has entered the post-production stage. Gong Li also exposed many shooting details at Cannes Film Festival recently, and revealed that she played a new villain role in the film, Fairy Wolf.

Recently, Gong Li participated in the film exhibition as a filmmaker. She discussed filming with Hong Huang, a well-known media personality, and revealed that she played the witch Fairy Wolf in the reality version of Hua Mulan, a brand-new role that was added to the live version of the film.

In addition, Gong Li also revealed that the role of fairy wolf is very powerful: can instantly turn out thousands of eagles, have great energy, there are many action plays. Although the role is not much, but her appearance is very important, At first you will think she is a villain, but in the end the audience will understand why she is such a person, what she wants.

In fact, Gong Li used to reveal in an interview that she spent two months training before filming Mulan. Im an actor, I just want to play the best role, not because of outside interference, affecting artistic creation. We cant use fast food to make movies. We need to chew and eat slowly. We need to respect movies. It is reported that the live version of Mulan is tentatively scheduled to be released in North America on March 27, 2020. (ETtoday/article)

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Chen Shaojie_b6952