The 41-year-old genius conductor Zhouzhou: Lung cancer basically recovered without performance for a year

 The 41-year-old genius conductor Zhouzhou: Lung cancer basically recovered without performance for a year

Zhouzhou is 41 years old. Recently, the media pointed the camera at him, saying that he suffered from lung cancer. His 79-year-old father, Hu Houpei, cared for him and lived. The number of performances has been greatly reduced. Twenty years ago, because of the documentary The World of Zhouzhou, people began to know the genius commander who suffered from Downs syndrome. Subsequently, in the media reports, he became an inspirational idol for the disabled comparable to Zhang Haidi, and various opportunities, concerns and fame and wealth came in a flood. He has formed his own symphony orchestra, performing 168 performances a year at most, and has been invited to visit many countries and regions.

Last April, Red Star journalists met Zhouzhou in a Shenzhen Disabled Peoples Art Troupe. Years left obvious traces on him: wrinkles, white hair, drooping eyes and bulging body shape made him look older than his peers. He will still perform conductor with music, but the baton and tuxedo are already at the bottom of the box. There will be five performances in 2017.

On May 19, Hu Houpei told Red Star News that the performance career of Zhouzhou in 2018 was more difficult than that in 2017. There was no band performance, and occasionally there was a performance that did not cooperate with the band. Hu Houpei now cares more about his sons health than about his sons career. In 2016, Zhouzhou was found lung cancer in Beijing, and then went south to Shenzhen for medical treatment. After 10 months of treatment, the condition was basically cured.

During the treatment, Zhouzhou signed an art troupe for the disabled in the low mountain village of Longgang District, Shenzhen. The Art Troupe intends to re-package and position Zhouzhou as an ambassador for the image of the disabled, and continue to influence more people through his stories. But over a year, it seems that there has been no improvement. Until now, Zhouzhous salary last year has not been paid up. Xiao Tangsheng, the head of the art troupe, told Red Star News that they had communicated with Zhouzhous father, and that they would pay the remaining salary and start the business plan in the second half of this year.

Photographs by Hu Houpei and Pan Junwen of Zhouzhou

Lung cancer is basically cured

There was no performance last year.

Red Star News: How is Zhouzhous life now?

Hu Houpei: Now hes staying in Shenzhen Lighting the Art Troupe of People with Disabilities. Hes relatively comfortable now. Sometimes he sits in his room for several hours, sometimes he likes to sleep in his house.

Red Star News: How many performances will he have in 2018?

Hu Houpei: No, there has been no performance in 2018. Now there is no chance to cooperate with the band at all. Occasionally, there are performances that do not cooperate with the band. Others have their own programs. He goes to sing a chorus and perform something. Occasionally, thats the case. In early 2019, a company in Xian invited Zhouzhou to perform with the band and performed 13 pieces of music with good results.

Red Star News: Lung cancer detected before Zhouzhou, how is it now?

Hu Houpei: In 2016, he was in an art troupe in Beijing. At that time, he had chest pain and went to a hospital for examination. Experts said that he had lung cancer and could not live for nine months. After a period of treatment in Beijing, a friend introduced me to a Chinese medicine clinic in Shenzhen, and I took him to Shenzhen. After ten months, he was basically recovered. He had synovitis, arthritis and other diseases before, but lung cancer was cured, and these diseases have disappeared, and have not occurred yet. It can be said to be a small miracle.

Red Star News: He knows he has cancer. Whats his state?

Hu Houpei: He didnt admit that he was sick. He said I was not sick. Why let me treat here? Although this is a malignant tumor, but he has no fear, he is not like ordinary people, so his mentality should also be very helpful for treatment.

Red Star News: Zhouzhou used to listen to CDs for a long time every day to practice, but now I hear that he lost interest in practice. Is it?

Hu Houpei: He doesnt want to listen any more if he doesnt perform now. Listen occasionally.

Red Star News: Do Zhouzhou have good friends now? How do they usually play?

Hu Houpei: The disabled actors in the group are all his friends. He usually stays with them. He was willing to stay with them even if he had no income or activities. With the disabled, he has self-confidence. If he wants to go back to his hometown in Wuhan and stay with many healthy people, he will not do it, because he did not have self-confidence at that time.

_Photographed by Hu Houpei and Pan Junwen

Father is 79 years old

Taking care of the boat is still a top priority

Red Star News: How are you now?

Hu Houpei: Im 79 years old and in bad health. A few months ago, I had a stroke. I am now slowly recovering, hoping it will be cured. ?

Red Star News: How is your diabetes now?

Hu Houpei: Its about controlling blood sugar. It takes a lot of energy. Im taking insulin, antagonism, diabetes and urine, and I spend every day in this kind of life. Im also in trouble. I hate it. I cant help it.

Red Star News: You have been accompanying your son in Shenzhen, not enjoying his old age in his hometown of Wuhan. Do you have any friends here?

Hu Houpei: There are no friends here. My friends and classmates are all in Wuhan. Im really lonely here, but I cant help it. I have to take care of the boat.

Hu Houpei sat in an art troupe assigned to Zhouzhou and Pan Junwen, his dormitory.

_Photograph by Pan Junwen, Zhouzhou

Red Star News: Are you still playing the piano now?

Hu Houpei: What else can I do? Ive been retired for almost 20 years. Im not going to pull any more. Musical instruments are not available to everyone. It takes twenty to thirty thousand dollars to buy an instrument. I cant afford that much money. No more. ?

Red Star News: Have you ever thought about the future pension of Zhouzhou after your death? Is it left to my sister?

Hu Houpei: Theres always a way. Theres no end to it. Ill do my last duty now. I dont have any other dreams. Taking care of the boat is my top priority, all the reasons.

Red Star News: In previous reports, you have been carrying a plan to set up a band for Zhouzhou. Do you have this plan now? Or is there any expectation for Zhouzhous career?

Hu Houpei: No, there is no expectation. He is a disabled person. How much space can he have? Now, the former glory is unimaginable. Disabled people like Zhouzhou, a weak person, can survive very well. Now is to live.

Source: Red Star News Responsible Editor: Shi Jianlei_NBJ11331