Mobile phone scanner can check and share bicycles for record and even sweep two Harold black cars

 Mobile phone scanner can check and share bicycles for record and even sweep two Harold black cars

Through the Beijing Public Bicycle Wechat Public Number, mobile phone can scan the number of shared bicycles for record.

According to reports, since May 13, Beijing launched a one-month shared bicycle special management action, Internet bicycle rental enterprises and regional transportation departments have cleared more than 50,000 illegal vehicles. Reporters learned that in order to manage the problem of illegal bicycle placement, the Municipal Transportation Commission added a special detection function to the Beijing Public Bicycle Wechat Public Number, which can be used by both professional staff of government departments and ordinary citizens, and complaints and reports. Just enter the Information Feedback column of the public number, find the Shared Bicycle Scan Verification function, click on the green Scan Code button after entering, and then test it. Simply sweep the two-dimensional code of the aligned vehicle, you can identify whether the vehicle is unlawfully dropped.

This afternoon, reporters in Xuanwumen Metro Station around the use of shared bicycle scanner verification function, random Mobai, ofo, drip Xiaolan, Hello and other shared bicycles were tested. Among them, two consecutive swept Hello bicycles belong to unregistered vehicles, while other brands of bicycles have no problem. Reporters noted that after using mobile phone scanner, the system page will show the name of the enterprise, vehicle code, longitude and latitude, location and whether it belongs to the registered vehicle, for bad car, stolen car, illegal parking and other issues can also be reported directly.

Reporters continuously scanned two Hello bicycles, the system was shown as unregistered.

According to Chen Hong, director of Xicheng Parking Management Center, in March 2018, more than 170,000 bicycles and more than 10 brands were rented on the Internet in Xicheng District. Disordered parking and damaged abandoned vehicles could be seen everywhere in streets and alleys, which not only affected traffic safety, but also damaged the citys appearance environment. By visiting the streets and communities, the District Transportation Department understands the residentsdemand for Internet bicycles. According to the current information, the demand for bicycles in spring, summer and autumn does not exceed 60,000 and that in winter does not exceed 50,000.

Xicheng District has also installed Bluetooth Sniffing Electronic Fence outside all subway stations, which can identify unregistered illegal vehicles within 50 meters.

In addition, combined with Beijing Internet Bicycle Rental Supervision and Service Platform, 100 sets of Bluetooth Sniffing Electronic Fence devices are easily installed at all subway stations and financial streets in Xicheng District, which can monitor the number of shared bicycles within 50 meters in real time, including the number of parked bicycles, whether they belong to unregistered illegal bicycles and the accumulation of bicycles. Kuang et al.

Source: Liu Yuxin_NBJS7825, responsible editor of Beijing News