U.S. Navys Sexual Scandal Scandal Establishment of Rape List Ranking Women Soldiers

 U.S. Navys Sexual Scandal Scandal Establishment of Rape List Ranking Women Soldiers

According to the report of Todays Russia (RT) 19, on May 17, local time, Military.com news network broke out a sexual scandal in the US Navy. According to a report conducted under the Freedom of Information Act of the United States, sailors on the USS Florida submarine created a rape list and ranked female sailors on the list, describing themselves in detail. I want to have sex with these female crew members. Reported that the case was investigated, the submarine commander Gregory Korcher has been dismissed, and some other undisclosed crew members have also been punished for rape list.

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According to reports, the Florida submarine in Kings Bay, Georgia, is the second U.S. submarine to join the female crew. There are 173 crew members on the submarine, 32 of whom are female. Every few weeks, male crew members update the rape list stored on the submarines computer network. It is said that the list of explicit pornography includes the names of each female crew member and ranks them according to their constellations, body shape and description of the creators of the list wish to engage in various sexual activities with them. Reported that the report described some aggressive sexual acts, but did not directly mention any involuntary acts.

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The report noted that in June 2018, Colcher had been warned of the discovery of two rape list photos. Although Colcher tried to find out the publishers and viewing records of the rape list by checking search engines, he did not conduct an official investigation into the incident or issue relevant orders. The report also revealed that the submarines captain had said that investigators were not encouraged to discuss the list and told one of them to slow down because the investigator was over-involved.

Reported that Colchers superiors believed that his efforts to investigate the rape list were not enough to solve such a serious incident, two months later (August 2018), Colcher was dismissed.

In fact, looking back on history, it is not difficult to find that the sexual scandal has always been a chronic problem of the U.S. military. RT revealed that this is not the first time that the U.S. Navy broke out a sexual scandal. RT said that in 2014, a sailor on a U.S. submarine Ohio secretly took pictures of women changing clothes and taking showers without their knowledge, and the videotaping lasted for a year.

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According to a previous Pentagon study, women who joined the U.S. Navy had a 17.1% chance of being sexually assaulted in a year, a record of sexual harassment considered the worst in all U.S. military forces, RT said.

According to a previous analysis by the Wall Street Journal, sexual assault is a problem that has plagued the U.S. military for a long time. In recent years, the proportion of reported cases of sexual assault and harassment in the U.S. military has tripled, even so, the number is still underestimated. In 2016, there were 601 cases of sexual harassment in the US military, but according to the analysis of anonymous survey results, the actual number may exceed 100,000.

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