Guo Taiming: Cai Ying can not be re-elected or it will be a misfortune for Taiwan as a whole.

 Guo Taiming: Cai Ying can not be re-elected or it will be a misfortune for Taiwan as a whole.

Overseas Network May 20, Cai Yingwen has been in power for three years. Today (20), she talks about her achievements in three years in her Third Anniversary Speech of Inauguration. To this end, Guo Taiming first gave a cold smile, then choked, Cai Yingwen will be Taiwans misfortune if she is re-elected.

In summary of the news from Lianhe Daily and Zhongshi Electronic Daily, Cai Yingwen, while counting his achievements, said that friends who have been disappointed in the past three years, with a little more patience, you will see that the Taiwan authorities have done much more than you imagined. She also said, Those who have been singing down Taiwan for three years will not succeed.

How do you think of Cai Yings self-proclaimed three years in power? When Guo Taiming was interviewed, he first sneered and asked reporters, Do you think cross-strait relations are good? Guo said that after reading Cai Yings speech, he felt that there were three unreasonable places.

First, Cai Ying used empty numbers to hide his fear of the possible failure of the campaign and used very improper tactics to run the campaign.

The second is to call Lai Qingde Qu. Since she is called the Democratic Progressive Party, it turns out to be the Democratic Retrogression Party. All the primary election methods of the Kuomintang have come out. Now the primary election method of the Democratic Progressive Party has been delayed by Cai Ying. She dares not face the facts because her polls are not up to date. If she has such good political achievements and has such good cross-strait relations, why dare not accept the people? I dont know how many more than 30 days have passed, Guo said. Thats to say that she is anxious, very anxious, so she turns democratic progress into democratic retrogression.

Thirdly, Cai Yingwen said today that many people are singing down her and can not be elected as the leader of Taiwan by singing down the people of Taiwan.

Cai Ying (Taiwan Media)

In addition, the Kuomintang held a press conference today to review the three-year absence of the DPP in power. The Kuomintang criticizes the Taiwan authorities in four aspects: internal affairs and the rule of law, double standards, green-only obedience, promoting the transfer of authority and government robbery; economic and environmental aspects, one case rests, labor unrest, electricity shortage, pollution, people suffering, tourism revenue reduction, poor execution; foreign defense and cross-strait aspects, diplomatic inefficiency, South-to-South ineffective. u201d Cross-strait disconnection, peace disappeared, national defense disability, military discipline scattered; social and civilian feelings,public order corruption, cultural degradation,incompetence idle, hairpin bend controversy.

Wu Dunyi, Chairman of the Kuomintang (Photo Source: Taiwans Zhongshi E-Newspaper)

Wu Dunyi, chairman of the Kuomintang, said that during the DPPs reign, five friendly countries were lost in three years, while Ma Ying lost only one in 1998. During the three years, Huashan, Yonghe, Tainan and other corpses occurred, and almost every year there were corpses. Wu Dunyi said that once the Kuomintang returned to power, there would never be another brutal case of corpse division. He called on the DPP authorities to fight hard in the last few months, or they would be replaced by the KMT on polling day on January 11 next year.

It is worth mentioning that Cai Yingwen kept repeating his old tune about whether the cross-strait policy concerned by the outside world would be adjusted, saying that basically, we should try our best to maintain the status quo of peace and stability on both sides of the Taiwan Strait.

Source: Overseas Network Responsible Editor: Liu Yuxin_NBJS7825