Express courier suspected of molesting female client Yuantong: dissolving the employees labor relationship

 Express courier suspected of molesting female client Yuantong: dissolving the employees labor relationship

On the afternoon of May 18, a woman reported to the police that a male courier harassed her when she received her mail at her home. On the morning of May 20, the suspected man Huang Mou was arrested by the police. On the afternoon of May 20, Yuantong Express Co., Ltd. issued a statement on the matter through micro-blog.

The full text of the statement is as follows:

Statement on harassment of customers by salesmen of Guangdong Foshan Yuantong Franchise Company

1. Some netizens Qingnian Jiufang posted a micro-blog saying that Yuantong salesmen in Foshan District of Guangdong harassed and rudely harassed them when they came to pick up pieces. We attach great importance to this matter and conduct self-examination as soon as possible. At the same time, we timely contact the customer, express our concern and apology, and instruct the salesman and the affiliated company to cooperate actively with the police investigation.

2. After investigation, Huang Moumou, a male career servant, joined Jiangwan Branch of Foshan Yuantong Franchise Company in May 2018. Before that, there was no criminal record and no abnormal behavior during work. According to the report of Chancheng Branch of Foshan Public Security Bureau on May 20, after preliminary investigation, the salesman was suspected of touching and molesting the mistress during the receiving process. According to the results of the headquarters self-examination and police investigation, the headquarters has ordered the franchise company to dissolve the employees labor relations and cooperate with the local public security department to deal with them further. Meanwhile, the headquarters network management department has interviewed the head of the franchise company concerned, and severely punished them according to the relevant provisions of the franchise agreement, and has made a network-wide notification and criticism.

3. We apologize again for the physical and mental harm caused by the incident to the parties concerned, as well as the adverse impact on the industry and society. At any time, any employee, we have zero tolerance for violations of laws and regulations and violations of the moral bottom line.

We will take this as a precaution, give one example to another, carry out warning education and special training on laws and regulations and company system among all network employees, especially front-line salesmen, strengthen the management of franchised companies and penalties for breach of contract, so as to ensure safe and reliable express service for customers. Thank you again for your supervision!

Source: Shi Jianlei_NBJ11331, responsible editor of Beijing News