Kaohsiung Han Fan shouted a sentence on the spot. Cai Yings face collapsed after listening to it.

 Kaohsiung Han Fan shouted a sentence on the spot. Cai Yings face collapsed after listening to it.

Overseas Network, May 20, Cai authorities went south to Kaohsiung yesterday (19). A Kaohsiung Korean fan met Cai Ying and shouted Kaohsiung makes a fortune at her. Cai Yings face collapsed when he heard it.

Cai Yingwen visited Zizhu Temple in Nanhai, Zizhu Temple in Neimen and Tianhou Palace in Qishan in Kaohsiung on the same day, Taiwans Zhongshi Electronic Daily reported Wednesday. In addition, Cai Yingwen also spoke in Kaohsiung to show his ruling achievements over the past three years.

However, on the same day, a Korean fan in the Facebook club Korean Yoga Support Association poster and video said that a Kaohsiung Korean fan met the Cai English authorities in the street and shouted Kaohsiung made a fortune in front of her. According to media reports, Cai Yingwens face collapsed when he heard it. From the video, we can see that Cai Yingwen did not stop after hearing this sentence and left soon.


In this regard, netizens have echoed, Kaohsiung has made a fortune, it is right to shout out, and do a good job! The phrase Kaohsiung makes a fortune is very useful. Zan Zan, this is our secret language for customs clearance, Cai Yingyang can not refute it! Was hit hard in the face, Cai English collapsed.

According to Taiwanese media, Cai Yingwen held a Guoan High-level Meeting on October 10, threatening that Taiwans economy has been growing steadily for 12 consecutive quarters, with overall economic stability ranking first in the world. However, ironically, Taiwans financial department announced as early as 7 that Taiwans export value in April had increased negatively for six consecutive months, and the export value had hit a new low since July 2017. Taiwans netizens could not help but call the Cai authoritiesfalse rumors are too extraordinary. On the contrary, Korean Yo, who won the support of Kaohsiungs public opinion by saying Goods go out, people come in and Kaohsiung makes a fortune, fulfilled his promise 25 days after he took office as mayor, and the public opinion on the island was even more jubilant.

May 20 marks the 3rd anniversary of Cai Yings coming to power. However, according to Taiwans latest poll, the overall degree of satisfaction with Cai Yings three-year administration is as high as 56%, while less than 30% are willing to support Cai Yings re-election. Among them, 52.2% of the Taiwanese people think that Taiwans economy is sinking downward and there is no hope for Taiwans future. Some netizens said, Only when the smoky Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is kicked out of power in 2020 can it return to Taiwans blue sky.

Source: Overseas Network Responsible Editor: Wang Zheng_N7526