Heavy rains fell on the night of the draft contest held by collapsed bars in Guangxi last month

 Heavy rains fell on the night of the draft contest held by collapsed bars in Guangxi last month

Inner drawing of 0776 bar. Respondents provide

At 0:43 on May 20, a roof collapse accident occurred on Dongzhou Avenue 0776 Plus Club (hereinafter referred to as 0776 Bar) in Youjiang District, Baise City, Guangxi, resulting in many people being buried. According to the official Weibo of the Propaganda Department of the Baise Municipal Committee, as of 12:30 noon on the 20th, three people had been confirmed dead, 87 were injured and four were still trapped.

Pengwei News learned that 0776 Bar belongs to Guangxi Zengzhailu Entertainment Co., Ltd. According to the State Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System, the company was established in March 2014 with registered capital of 6 million yuan, legal representative of Huang Jun and four shareholders, namely Xu Jianwei, Zhou Xiongjin, Huang Ying and Huang Jun. Its business scope includes KTV dance hall entertainment services, performing arts bar, architectural decoration design and construction, etc. In July 2018, the companys name was changed from Baise Huiyou Decoration Co., Ltd. to its current name.

Publicity posters previously published by the 0776 bar show that the bar is the first ultra-high four-dimensional three-dimensional bar in Baise City, the first bar in Baise to adopt a huge 5D stereo LED curtain and the first bar in Baise to adopt a five-level electrodeless light matrix.

Publicity posters also show that the bar opened in January 2019 and that Baise Zero Land spent 20 million dollars on a mega-project.

According to the relevant articles, in April this year, 0776 bar was used as a competition venue for a talent show in the National Seasonal Baise Competition Area. Xiong Meng, a Baise citizen who has been to the bar, confirmed this information to the surging news.

Xiong Meng introduced that in April this year, he went to the bar to participate in the above-mentioned talent show competition. When we went there, there were not many people. It looks like the bar is very new. It is newly built and can accommodate one or two hundred people.

Xiong Meng said that in addition to drinking and singing, the bar is mainly bouncing, the sound effect of the bar is very good, sitting in front of the sound of the card, the water cup on the table are corrugated, the sound of the sound shocked me at that time.

On the evening of the incident, lightning and thunder broke out in Baise, and rainstorms fell. Xiong Meng said there had been a large-scale blackout in Baise before the incident, but because he was not on the spot, it was impossible to determine whether there was a blackout in the bar.

Baise City Public Security Bureau staff told Pengfeng News that the specific reasons for the collapse of the bar are still under investigation.

Source: Yang Yi_NBJ10647, Responsible Editor of Peng Mei News