Europes most divine surname in the last decade: 16-year-old Denbery Juniors first professional league show

 Europes most divine surname in the last decade: 16-year-old Denbery Juniors first professional league show

In the last round of the Soviet Super League, Celtics beat Hartsby 2-1. Compared with this score, CelticsDenberry Jr. became the focus of the world. At the age of 16, Celtics made their first-team debut. The historic moment came at the beginning of the second half when Celtic interim coach Neil Lennon waved his flag and replaced him with Denberry Jr. It can be said that the Celtics coach gave Denbele 45 minutes to play, which is very significant for a player who has just turned 16 years old.

Denberry joined Celtic youth camp as early as 2013, when he was only 13 years old and had already appeared in the Celtic U20 match, which caused a sensation that the Scottish U16 National Youth Team would soon be recruited. But thats not the whole story. In addition to wearing a Scottish U16 shirt, Denberry played for England U15 that year. This two-line battle continued until 2018, when he first represented Scotland U17 against Russia U17 and then fought for England U16.

Of course, these are not enough to show his talent and the importance the club attaches to him. Just last October, the 15-year-old made his debut in the Celtics Reserve. He was on duty. The Celtics beat Patrick Reserve 6-0 by a wide margin. It was unforgettable that Denberry scored in his debut, and only 13 minutes after the start. It is worth mentioning that Rogers, the former Carlt coach, also appreciated the talent of Denberry Junior, who was promoted to the first team after he reached the age of 16.

It can be said that Denberry can get the chance to play at this age really thanks to Rogers, after all, the teams meritorious coach early in the game has established a huge advantage. In the last game, the Celtics put Denberry Jr. on the list without any pressure and replaced him at the beginning of the second half. Although Denberry did not score in this campaign, such a debut is enough to be remembered.

Perhaps the name Denberry is special in world football, from SpursMoussa Denberry to Barcelonas Osman, to Celtics joining Lyons Moussa Denberry, and now Karamok Denberry. One thing is for sure, little Denberry has extraordinary talent, otherwise Rogers would not have praised him before, maybe someday in the future, Karamok Denberry will grow into a world-class star.

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