Beijing gale blew down big trees and invaded Beijing-Chengdu Railway, delaying several trains

 Beijing gale blew down big trees and invaded Beijing-Chengdu Railway, delaying several trains

New Beijing News yesterday (May 19), a gale blew up in Beijing, which dumped trees in Shunyi District, invaded the Beijing-Chengdu Railway, damaged railway equipment and delayed many trains.

The official micro-blog Beijing Railway of China Railway Beijing Bureau Group Co., Ltd. reported that on the afternoon of May 19, under the influence of gale weather, big trees in Shunyi District of Beijing dumped, invaded the Beijing-Chengdu Railway, damaged railway equipment and affected train operation, resulting in delays of K1190 and Y513 trains. Relevant departments are dealing with it.

At about 6 p.m. yesterday, reporters from the New Beijing News visited the Beijing-Chengdu Line in Shunyi District and Tongzhou District. The reporter did not find the place where the accident happened. The Beijing-Chengdu Line was built in the 1960s. In Shunyi District, most sections of Beijing-Chengdu Railway are juxtaposed with Tongshun Road, along which there are tall trees in most places. In the evening, the wind in Shunyi District is no longer strong, but standing on the roadside, you can still feel a little cool. Around 7 p.m., a train from other places to Beijing roared past the Beijing-Chengdu line.

In an interview with reporters of the Beijing News, we found that besides the trains mentioned in the report, passengers of other trains also indicated that their trains were delayed.

Zhang Yi, a passenger who claimed to be on the Y512 train, told the Beijing News that she was taking the train to Chengde today. The original plan was to arrive at 18:34. When she arrived in Shunyi at about 1 or 2 p.m., the train stopped for three or four hours. After that, the train stopped for maybe 20 minutes, and then for a long time.

When the train stopped for the second time, Zhang Yi sent a real-time location to reporters of the Beijing News. According to the information provided by Zhang Yi, the train stopped near Shunyi Railway Station.

Wang Lin (not her real name) who claimed to ride the Y514 train told the Beijing News that she boarded at Huairou Railway Station at 5 p.m. and sat near Gaogezhuang Station to learn that the wind had blown down the trees. She waited at Gaogezhuang Station for more than one hour and a half later.

After the resumption of operation, the trains running on the Beijing-Chengdu Line. NEW BEIJING NEWSPAPER REPORTER NI Zhaozhong

Beijing Railway announced again at 18:49 yesterday that the Beijing-Chengdu Railway was being repaired actively by the railway department. The railway equipment was damaged by the dumping of trees, and the trains that affected its operation were gradually recovering.

Source: Chi Guojie_NBJ11143, responsible editor of Beijing News