The U.S.s extreme pressure on Irans military: will make the enemy regret!

 The U.S.s extreme pressure on Irans military: will make the enemy regret!

Recently, the United States has stepped up its extreme pressure on Iran, especially in the military field. The United States has successively announced the deployment of aircraft carrier battle groups, B-52 strategic bombers and dock transport ships to the Middle East in response to the so-called Iranian threat.

In this regard, Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif 18 said that Iran is unwilling to fight, but also not provocative.

According to the official Iranian news agency, Zarif 18 said in an interview that he believed that there would be no war between Iran and the United States because Iran was unwilling to fight, but he also warned other countries should not fantasize about provoking Iran.

Zariff also pointed out that although US President Trump had repeatedly stressed that he was unwilling to engage in war, some people around Trump might find excuses to push the United States into war. Zariff has repeatedly accused US President Bolton, assistant to national security affairs, and other hawkish figures of inducing Trump to declare war on Iran.

Recently, Iranian politicians and military personnel have frequently voiced accusations that the United States has launched a psychological war against Iran by means of economic sanctions and military pressure in an attempt to force Iran to yield.

Irans most elite armed force, the commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard, Hussein Salami 18, said Iran was not afraid of the United States, which seemed very strong, but its political system was fragile and a strong wind could break it down.

In addition, Salami stressed that Iran can win the intelligence war with the United States.

Also on the 18th, Iranian Army Commander Moussavi, speaking to the commander of the Iranian Army ground forces, said that under the current situation, the Iranian army must always be vigilant and ready to respond to the threat posed by the enemy. He pointed out that all soldiers should be mentally and militarily prepared. If the enemy misjudges the situation and makes strategic mistakes, Irans response must be. The enemy will regret it.

Source: Responsible Editor of CCTV Network: Yao Wenguang_NN1682