Bundesliga-Royce shoots Sancho Jianggong Dort 2-0 to win the runner-up

 Bundesliga-Royce shoots Sancho Jianggong Dort 2-0 to win the runner-up

Dortmund, second in the championship, went to Prussia Park Stadium to face fourth-place Menchengladbach, and the two teams have won the last seven games against the Hornets. Bilkie recovered from injury and returned to the starting line-up. Royce lifted the ban in the midfield and served as the front waist. Getzer made a sudden move. Prisci made his last appearance for Dort in the official match.

In the 7th minute, Prisci crossed from the right side of the restricted area and Royce followed up with a head-shaking attack slightly off the left post. In the 12th minute, Trolley received a long pass from his teammate at the corner of the right restricted area. After stopping the ball, he cut it two steps to the left along the line of the restricted area. Traore then curled his left foot and the ball bounced off the crossbeam and the post. In the 14th minute, the right foot was pumped 25 meters from the door outside the Hoffmann penalty area, and the ball rubbed the left column out of the baseline.

The 23rd minute, Dorts right corner pass, the front point Pishchek header ferry, Wittsel reaction a little slower, then the outstretched foot did not hook the ball. In the 37th minute, Royces free kick in the left-hand position of the front court, Royce arc around the top of the wall, rubbing the left column out of the bottom line and hitting the side net. In the 40th minute, the header of the 45-degree cross from the right side of the middle team-mate in Elvedis forbidden area was slightly higher than the crossbeam. In the 43rd minute, Royce burst into the penalty area and Elvedi collided and fell to the ground. The referee did not award a penalty. After the VAR prompt, the referee Graff still adhered to the original judgment.

In the 45th minute, Royces left pass was blocked by Menxing guard. Royce stopped the ball near the baseline and then lifted the ball to the middle by the left post. Sancho followed up with the overhead mat to shoot the goal. After looking back at VAR, the referee decided that Royces baseline pass was not completely out of the baseline, the goal was valid, Dort 1-0. Dort led Menxing 1-0 away in the first half.

In the second half, we changed sides and fought again. In the fifty-fifth minute, Gertz Samjo and Samjo were assigned to Prisci on the right side of the penalty area. In the legend of Prisci, Royce followed up with a shot to break the door, 2-0.

In the 59th minute, Sanchos left-hand pass, the ball touched Elvedis leg in the penalty area, refracting and hitting the post. In the 62nd minute, after receiving a teammate stopping the ball directly on the line of Del Mitchs forbidden area, he turned around and shot a little higher than the crossbeam. In the 74th minute, Men Xings cross was blocked by Guerrero and landed in front of Playa, who shot slightly higher than the crossbeam from a small angle on the left side of the restricted area. In the 79th minute, Sangqiaos forbidden zone hit the middle of the road, and Pricic pushed the shot high.

At the end of the game, Dott had no intention of attacking again. Men Xing was also interested. The score of Dott 2-0 was maintained until the end.

Starting Line-up

Menshing (4123): Somer/Bayer, Kinter, Elvirdi, Winter/Kramer (63Strauble)/Zakaria, Hoffman/Trawley (66Playa), Delmich, Azar

Dort (4231): Bilkie/Pishchek, Weigel, Akangi, Grero/Vitessel, Delaney/Sancho (87Dahud), Royce (83Schmertzer), Priscich/Getze (75Paco)

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