The mother of the deceased, whose son was described as a campus anti-murder case of the underworld, went white overnight.

 The mother of the deceased, whose son was described as a campus anti-murder case of the underworld, went white overnight.

Six days have passed since the anti-killing incident.

Feng Jun, 50, never sleeps peacefully. As soon as I lie down, my sons voice and smile are all in my mind, and the fatal knife in my left chest.

His wife, too, grew white temples overnight and cried and fainted several times a day.

According to the official bulletin issued by the Economic and Technological Development Zone Bureau of Huaian Public Security Bureau of Jiangsu Province on May 13, a major criminal police incident occurred in our district at about 23:55 on May 12. After preliminary investigation, Zou Mou (male, 21 years old), Qiu Mou (male, 21 years old), Feng Mou (male, 21 years old) and others beat Jiang Mou (male, 19 years old) for trivial disputes. Jiang Mou stabbed Zou Mou, Feng Mou and Qiu Mou with a dagger. Hou Zou Mou and Feng Mou died of misfortune and Qiu Mou was slightly injured. Jiang Mou has been captured...

Feng Mou, 21 years old, is the proud son of Feng Jun and his wife.

Cover reporters learned that four young people from both sides, including the deceased Zou Mou and Feng Mou, were students of Jiangsu Vocational and Technical College of Finance and Economics.

Although the truth is not yet clear, in the past few days, campus bullying, anti-killing, legitimate defense... Become the comment hot spot of numerous netizens. Faced with these comments on the Internet, Feng Jun, as the father of the parties, felt desperate: Every sentence continues to stab the knife in his heart.

In fact, Feng Jun is not the only one who broke up in the center of the blood case.

A screenshot of Feng Fathers circle of friends

Another abyss in the family of the deceased

The slobber on the Internet would like to drown us.

Feng Jun has shown his son more frequently in his circle of friends in the past two years, because his greatest pride and consolation is that his son has gone through green barracks to enter the university campus for further study and really grew up.

But at midnight on May 12, Mothers Day, his pride and consolation collapsed in an instant.

May 13, more than 3 a.m., received a call from the school, said that the children had a fight in school, lets come over. Feng Jun recalled to the cover journalist that when he drove to the hospital for more than three hours, his son Feng Mou had died. What I saw at that time was that the child had a knife in the left chest and I didnt see the rest. The wife couldnt carry it. She turned white overnight and cried and fainted several times a day.

However, the whirlpool on the Internet has plunged parents who have lost their children into another abyss of grief. Just in a word, netizens unilaterally interpret and guess, characterize children as campus bullies, describe them as underworld, and compare them with human beings like Longge in Kunshan. Feng Jun said that in the police bulletin, Zou Mou, Qiu Mou, Feng Mou and others beat Jiang Mou because of trivial disputes statement became the fuse, online saliva would like to drown us.

He told the cover journalist that his family had talked to the police about the preliminary investigation announcement. The other party responded that if there was something wrong with the preliminary investigation announcement, the police would correct it the next time the announcement was issued.

It must be stressful for the public security bureau to investigate such a large case, which we understand. Family waiting, the law will give a fair, give children a satisfactory account. Although I dont know the truth yet, I have confidence in my son. At least he cant be said to be a bully on campus.

Zou Mou, another student who lost his young life in the case, suffered the same torture in his family.

A high school classmate of Zou Mou told the cover journalist: He (Zou Mou) is simple, honest and naughty. His grades are not very good, but he is absolutely decent. The high school student did not believe Zou would carry out campus bullying.

In an interview with the cover news, a classmate of Zous University in the same grade said, Zou is very good. He has never bullied or beaten his classmates in school. We are all sorry to hear that.

A screenshot of the deceased Feng Mou, Feng Fathers circle of friends

I just had a video call with my mom on the night of the accident.

A couple of hours after Mothers Day greetings, the sun and the Yin are separated.

The belief that waiting for the truth to come out supports that parents cant fall down. But grief can never stop. Pictures collected in mobile phones, including Fengs enlistment notice, eight abdominal muscles, and the joy of being with his comrades, always hurt Feng Jun. My son has always been very good.

Feng Mous high school classmates said that after entering Jiangsu Vocational and Technical College of Finance and Economics in the autumn of 2016, Feng Mou joined the army and served in the Sichuan Armed Police Force. He also won the honorary title of King of Soldiers. After he retired in 2018, he returned to school and began to study. How could it be that he graduated from the class? Previously, the media called Jiangsu Vocational and Technical College of Finance and Economics. The school said that the assailants were graduates.

Families are trying to restore their sons from college teachers and classmates. According to teachers and classmates, children perform fairly well in school. Feng Jun also told reporters that through his own channels to explore and understand that Feng in the event, is to pull the rack.

And someone told Feng Jun that when the ambulance arrived that night, Feng Mou also said, You save others first. If he says so, I understand, because he was a soldier. Although hes retired from the army now, he still thinks of others first in his mind. And his classmates also told me that no matter which one in the class encountered difficulties, the first one to stand out was my son.

Feng Mous former comrades-in-arms have continuously provided confidence and support to Feng Jun. After the incident, the former armys current comrades and veterans rushed to Huaian, Jiangsu Province, from all over the country, and said to them, Dad and Mom, you can rest assured that we know Feng Mou, otherwise we will not come so far to prove it to him.

In response to rumors that Feng and Zou had drunk on the night of the incident, Feng Jun responded, I also heard that the child had drunk that night. But now that someone has proved that he is going to pull a rack, I believe that drinking does not mean that he is upset.

Feng Jun tried to convince himself, but he could not. I also thought, if he really like what netizens said, is a local gangster, underworld, so I do not grieve to die. But he has always been a very good and filial person. It was Mothers Day on the day of the accident, and he talked to his mother on video in the evening.

When he first offered to his parents to join the army, Feng Jun felt at that moment that his son had really grown up. I felt very proud at that time. It is said that the children are afraid of suffering, but he wants to be a soldier, indicating that he is ready to suffer.

Self-restraint of the bereaved father

I cant do anything irrational, or Ill just leave someone with a voice.

On the morning of May 18, the relatives of the deceased in this blood case met with the responsible persons of Jiangsu Vocational and Technical College of Finance and Economics for the first time.

We are looking forward to some explanations from the school. For example, it was eleven or twelve oclock in the evening when the fight broke out. Where was the dormitory administrator? Why didnt he stop it in time? The most critical weapon, how can a dagger be brought into the dormitory? Why can alcohol be allowed in dormitories? Feng Jun told reporters, We proposed to communicate with the school leaders at any time, keep abreast of the school situation, they agreed in front of the public security. He added, We only ask for an explanation from the school, but we will never interfere with police cases.

Since its inception, Feng Jun has been trying to restrain himself. I cant do irrational things, or Ill just leave someone with a voice, saying that the Lao Tzu of that family is like that, and the son is certainly not a good thing.

School response:

Prompt release of information through relevant channels

On May 14, cover journalists went to Jiangsu Vocational and Technical College of Finance and Economics. A teacher at the school who did not want to reveal his name told me that the school had issued a notice request to the staff and staff of the whole school, forbidding the external discussion of the incident. Try not to mention it, just know it. On campus, a grocery store owner told reporters.

And a school employee said, The school must not let it mention, the ugliness of the family is not publicized, are covered up. The employee added, From my personal standpoint, the school is responsible. Why didnt the teacher find out if the students had contradictions before? Why not intervene in advance?

The cover journalist called the school office, and the staff said, No media interviews for the time being. The investigation work is under investigation by the public security organs. If there is relevant information, it will be released in time through relevant channels. Some media called Huaian Public Security Bureau Development Zone Bureau, and staff members said that the case was still under active investigation.

The father of the deceased Feng Mou

(Note: Feng Jun is a pseudonym in the article)

Source: Cover News Author: Li Yuanli, Responsible Editor of Chaifeng Orange: Li Hang_BJS4645