Li Yuchun Ying Red Carpets Most Dangerous Challenge

 Li Yuchun Ying Red Carpets Most Dangerous Challenge

Netease Entertainment reported on May 18 that on May 17, local time in France, Li Yuchun, in an interview with the media in Cannes, revealed his worries when he appeared on the Cannes red carpet in the shape of a white feather suit: this is going to fall down, and I cant climb up!

Li Yuchun appeared on the red carpet for the premiere of Miserable World at the Cannes Film Festival on June 16. He was dressed in pure white feathers and was selected as the best model by foreign media. Li Yuchun, however, revealed in an interview on the 17th that the feather outfit actually weighed very heavily. According to the staff, it weighed up to 30 kilograms. Li Yuchun said that when wearing feather clothes, in addition to overcoming the weight problem, we should also take into account the balance problem - because both hands are stuffed into the feather clothes, so we can not grasp the balance, and with high heels, the red carpet may be in serious crisis.

Li Yuchun admitted that at that time, there was only one idea in his heart, that is, Dont fall down, because he fell down in this dress, but he couldnt get up on his own. Her humorous response also made netizens laugh, praising her as really cute, and some people said that Pisces thinks too much.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Yu Youjun _NBJS8144