World Table Tennis Championship Digital Media Data Published Marlon Final Sets an Annual Record

 World Table Tennis Championship Digital Media Data Published Marlon Final Sets an Annual Record

The International Table Tennis Federation provides first-hand information for table tennis fans on its own platform (itTV and official website) and all-round social media platform on the annual heaviest event, the Liebherr World Table Tennis Championship 2019, while ensuring that the worlds television viewers can watch the most exciting events broadcast.

Globalization of TV broadcasting has reached a new height

In terms of broadcasting duration, audiences from more than 145 countries and regions around the world watched the TV broadcasting of the World Table Tennis Championship in 2019, totaling 1176 hours. This data also successfully refreshed the results of the 2018 World Table Tennis Championship in 140 countries and regions with a total of 862 hours of broadcasting time. In terms of the number of spectators, Liebherrs World Table Tennis Championships in 2019 attracted 265.07 million people, with a total audience of 665.71 million.

The achievements of the major broadcasters are also considerable. CCTV and CCTV 5 + broadcasted a total of 81 hours of relay. Japans Tokyo TV station carried 21 hours of broadcasting. One or two European sports events were broadcast for 16 hours, while 103 hours of games were broadcast on European sports players.

According to data provided by CSM, the mens singles final between Swedens M. Falk and defending champion Malone has become the most popular sporting show in China so far this year, attracting 41 million TV viewers. At its peak, up to 25 million people watched the wonderful match through CCTV 5.

The data of the own platform is gratifying

International Table Tennis Federation live broadcasting platform itTV set a new high during the current World Table Tennis Championship. A total of 44,800 independent audiences from 148 countries and regions recorded 4.8 million views on itTV, far higher than the 3.6 million views of the 2017 World Table Tennis Championships. In the first half of this World Table Tennis Championship, ITTV registered users will have a brand new experience of watching the tournament by providing eight live signals from the table.

The data from the official ITTF website are equally welcome. During the tournament, 1.05 million users visited the official website of ITTF (higher than 691,000 at the 2018 World Table Tennis Championship).

During the event, the official website of ITTF provides a series of event services, such as update of the event facts, special reports, player interviews, summary review and pre-match announcements. It has generated 5.59 million page views in eight days.

Achievements of Chinese Social Media

On the pitch, the Chinese team dominated, covering all five championships; off the pitch, Chinese social media also handed in a brilliant report card.

In microblogging, the number of topics read in the World Table Tennis Championships reached 500 million, creating a new high in the Chinese social media data of the World Table Tennis Championships in the International Table Tennis Federation. During the eight-day competition, the official micro-blog platform of the International Table Tennis Federation also successfully won 50.4 million reads and 187,000 interactions.

International Table Tennis Federation Chinese Digital Media Partner China Sports Live TV has also gained a lot. According to the data, live TV has created more than 20.6 million Web pages and OTT platform visits. OTT platform also attracts 5.7 million independent users to watch the World Table Tennis Games.

In view of Liebherrs outstanding achievements in the World Table Tennis Championships in 2019, Matthew Pound, Director of Marketing, International Table Tennis Federation, said:

The strength of ITTF in social and digital media is increasing, and our team is growing with the additional revenue and participation of the platform. The above media data show that table tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world. With the return of ITTFs commercial rights, table tennis is is ready to work with new strategic partners to move towards a new stage of commercialization.

Source: International Table Tennis Federation Responsible Editor: Luting_NS5242