French doctors are accused of killing 20 people in 17 years to highlight their medical prowess

 French doctors are accused of killing 20 people in 17 years to highlight their medical prowess

In order to impress colleagues, a French anesthesiologist suspected of poisoning more than 50 patients, until the last moment to come forward to save them, in order to show his medical skills.

Russian media RT reported on May 16 that in 17 years of medical practice, the doctor deliberately caused 42 serious medical accidents, including 20 deaths.

These overly coincidental medical experiences, not only not suspected by anyone, actually deceived colleagues and victims, won their heartfelt respect and gratitude.

Frederick Pehiltu is from The Telegraph, UK.

It is said that the medical staff are angels in white. Frederick Pessier, an anesthesiologist who worked in two private clinics in Besansone, Eastern France, can be said to be a devil hidden in angels.

During his 17-year medical practice, Pessier was suspected of being involved in 42 serious and malignant incidents. In May 2017, Pessier was charged for the first time.

He was accused of poisoning seven patients between the ages of 37 and 53 between 2008 and 2017, five of whom were successfully saved, while two others died.

All the victims were in good health before abnormal cardiac arrest. Investigators later found that the victimsblood levels of potassium were five times the lethal dose.

In December last year, at the clinic where Pessier worked, investigators found four more deceased patients who had similar conditions during the operation, and their bodies were exhumed and tested for high levels of potassium.

Agence France Presse quoted judicial sources as saying that in the next two years, the police continued to expand the investigation, and subsequently found that at least 50 people were poisoned by similar methods, 20 of them died.

The reason for such mischievous life is absurd.

French prosecutors said Pessier was trying to impress other colleagues and show off his medical proficiency by adding drugs to the anesthesia bag that caused cardiac arrest and rushing into the operating room in the last minute to create his great image as a doctor.

However, instead of being suspected, such behaviour has won the respect of colleagues and the gratitude of victims. All along, his colleagues have recognized Pehill as an outstanding anesthesiologist.

The British Telegraph reported Tuesday that Pehier had been detained on the same day (14), and the case is still under investigation by the prosecution.

But since his first accusation in 2017, the father of three children has maintained his innocence and denied all charges, I have been charged with an abominable crime that I did not commit.

As for the French prosecutions accusation of deliberately poisoning patients to show off their life and life as arson firefighters, Pessiers lawyers accused the police of tampering with Pessiers testimony at the first trial, questioning the forensic report that the potassium content in the corpse would have increased and there was no poisoning.

While awaiting trial, Pessier was suspended from practicing medicine altogether, and a petition allowing him to serve as a medical consultant but banning access to the operating room was rejected by the judge.

Pessiers lawyers also shouted out their grievances, saying that the ban on medical practice had left him without income for 15 months and was on the verge of bankruptcy. Lawyers argue that the alleged poisoning charges are simply untenable and that Pessier is likely to be acquitted in the end.

But lawyers for the victims said that if more than 50 cases of poisoning were finally confirmed, Perhill could become one of the biggest serial killers in French history.

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